Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garden Tour, Part 1

I will plant dogwood.

I will plant hostas and ferns in my front bed.

I will plant flowers.

Maybe I'll make a curvy path

and plant a small leafed Linden Tree.

I'm going to build some sort of water feature.

I'm going to do something about the garage.

I'm going to plant an arbour in front of the playhouse.

Maybe we can have tea.

And a game or two.

Four down, six to go.
Say tuned.


scb said...

Those gardens are wonderful! I really like the huge chess board, and the flagstone path (the people with the flagstone path have their own inukshuk!)

What a lovely way to spend a summer weekend.

drwende said...

Y'know, if I were fabulously wealthy, I'd have someone else design and maintain for me the kind of garden in the chess picture. I'm not up for DIY, but I do like it A LOT.

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