Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Bounty

The bushes straggle along the back fence and feed the birds. Most years they feast as we're usually on vacation when the berries ripen. But this year, we were home. And what a lot there are!

Monday night they had to be picked. One more day and they would fall right off the vines.

Yesterday, Aurelia and I made 14 jars of freezer jam. Today I made 18 lemon raspberry muffins,

and a pie.

In honour of summer, I offer you a piece, (I hope you'll forgive me. I forgot pie has to cool a bit before you cut into it! So the bottom crust--which I made from scratch, was a bit, um, solid. But just a bit.)

There's still plenty left for mixing into yogurt, putting on waffles and eating with cream. I wish you all could have some. The above bounty took only ten minutes to pick.


scb said...

That single raspberry up there in Aurelia's hand is HUGE!!!

Mmmmm, I can just about taste them. We had raspberry canes on the farm, and I loved to go out and get a few just for chomping. My cat would go out to the garden with me, but she declined to actually partake in the feast.

And all that jam, and baking! Wow.

drwende said...


I wish we could have some, too...

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