Monday, July 7, 2008

Am I Gardening, Yet?

Today I had a pruning mishap. I accidentally loped off 1/2 my rose "bush."*
Before (taken a few days ago):


So, I took a stab at propagating the stem I'd lopped off:

Instructions courtesy of a link provided by the folks at The Garden Web Rose propagation forum, and now in the side bar. Should sprout roots in 21-28 days.

Then, I planted these, unearthed in the Thuja excavation:

They may be Bergenia.

I clipped off a bit of the old Thuja foliage and tucked it between the leaves and the ground for "mulch."

So, what do you think?
Am I a gardener, yet?

*Why is bush in quotations? Well, two canes do not exactly equal a bush. In fact, it may just be a climber.


zooza said...

That certainly looks like Advanced Gardening to me. Well, maybe not the accidental decapitation of the rose bush part, but you recovered it well... Very impressive!

drwende said...

The rose bush looks better without its missing half, so I think you're in good shape.

scb said...

You are definitely gardening. Even using the word "propagating" in conjunction with a rose bush is definitely gardening, in my book. And all the climbing roses out there are saying "Just a climber?? *JUST* a climber????" A rose is a rose is a rose. Well done!

Anne (in Reno) said...

Exciting, you're definitely gardening! Good luck with the tiny bergenias and the rose project, I hope that little guy is a climber because I think he'd look great up the side of the wall/fence over there!

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you. Your encouragement is so helpful, more than I can say. It was a stressful day, yesterday!

And scb--I said it may just be a climber, not it may be just a climber! I'm quite excited about it's being a climber. In fact if the new one "takes", I'm going to plant it so that both sides can climb up the house and frame the window. We'll see. It's very, very thorny, though. My right hand is a mess.

scb said...

Oops. I read too fast.

I could wax all philosophical about the thorns, and say "we can weep because roses have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses", but you'd likely swat me with a trowel... ;-)

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