Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Be Gone, Yellow-Green

You're banished!

Did you think the doors and trim were white? They've always been a light yellow. Just goes to show 1) the relativity of colour and 2) just how dark it was in there. The baseboards are painted cloud white by Benjamin Moore--and it's an off-white. It's practically glowing next to that dingy yellow trim.

We still have a ways to go before that dratted yellow-green is gone from everywhere:

But I started!

True Story--
This evening over a backyard fire, I said to Chris, "What if we just paint the treads as well as the risers on the stairs and save ourselves a lot of sanding?"

And he said, "I thought we'd decided that already."

Maybe we had! I am going to go with black and white. I am so excited. It is really too bad I won't get to it before we go away--it would have been good to have a few days after painting them when no one would be using them.

P.S. About the housekeeping? Yep. I've totally fallen off the wagon. I'm not sure what I have done and what I haven't. But I'm doing my best to clean as I go--and that meant spending close to an hour on my knees scraping up paint blotches in that itty bitty back hallway, today. The floor finish is all but gone--so the paint spatters really stuck.

I am having so much fun.


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! It is truly amazing how much brighter it looks with just changing paint color and no extra lighting. Do you think the dark blue doors will drag it down now? I'm excited to see how it all looks when you get done. Will the blue be a glossy paint or satin? I would think it would need some kind of sheen to it. (Listen at me, like I'm the paint guru. I'm so NOT!)
Gina in Chattanooga, TN

Marian said...

I'm probably speaking out of turn, and if I am, and you've already considered what I'm about to say, please forgive me ... I'm wondering if you've thought of the dust factor that will come with having black treads? I think black treads with white risers and stringers would indeed look striking, but perhaps the upkeep might be more than you bargained for? The darker you go, the more the dust and hair (human and pet) will show, requiring more frequent vacuuming. Also, another thing to consider --- the grain of the wood showing through beneath the paint (are the treads oak?) --- don't know if this might be an issue and/or if that's something that might bother you.

Alana in Canada said...

Gina--definitely a sheen! You are totally a paint guru.

Marian, sigh, I know dark will show more dust and dirt. The treads have a small carpet on them which is a dark rust-brick-red and they show every little thing--the carpet is also so rough it seems to scrape everything off our shoes. I am actually hoping I can get the exact same thing in black. That carpet has saved my upstairs hardwood. As far as upkeep goes, I am hoping the black won't be any worse than the dark rusty red brick colour is now. Cross your fingers for me. (PS never get a tri-coloured beagle for a pet! <--- best housecleaning advice I'll ever give! :)

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