Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Inching Along

We had a great mini-vacation visiting family for a wedding. A day of driving, a day of family and festivities and a day of driving back. I love south-eastern Alberta. I regret I didn't make more of an effort to take some pictures. So. much. sky.

But here we are home and happy about it, too.

In fact, I felt good enough to tackle the table from h#ll.

I haven't blogged about it because I figured I'd do a "how to" after the big room reveal--but the room reveal is a ways off, yet, and the table turned into this vastly complicated undertaking. It involved buying special tools (orbital sander, anyone? A new router bit to make biscuit joints.). The stain didn't take evenly. Then the pipes rusted--and a few stuck together--forever. We even screwed up on the wood--not realising that The Big Box store doesn't differentiate between pine, spruce and fir. (It's all just soft wood.)

And I'm not in love with it.

#1. In spite of Chris's best efforts, the top is not straight. That makes it a bit of a challenge to put on a base made of pipes--which may or may not be the same height at each one of the four legs. (Pipes don't behave like other threaded things do.)

#2. I detest the shiny, plastic-ky finish. I knew I would. I used Varathane's Bar and Table Finish. It's an epoxy. I thought it would help fill in the cracks and even things out. It didn't. It also created a really hard edge that cuts into my arms.

#3. It is too long for the room.

It is together--but nothing is screwed down, yet. Sigh.

Yes, that green thing is tape. It needs to be sanded off.


Luisa in Dallas said...

Actually, the desk looks good in the photos. I like the concept: a nice contrast in textures and large, but very open.

How disappointing that it didn't come together like you wanted! Sadly, the materials just didn't cooperate.

Sorry for the setback. At least your painting is turning out well.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Luisa. You know, I am happy to have it set up properly--with the pipes in place and the drawers on either side. It has helped my life function so much more smoothly! It was quite stressful having this room in disarray. I hadn't realised quite how much.

Janina Laird said...


This is a late posting but I had to comment. In fact, I wrote a looong comment in response immediately after you posted this one but it disappeared due to our home's problematic Internet connection and I didn't have time to rewrite it as I had to hurry off to physio.

I, too, had just returned from a long overdue holiday with my husband. We met some lovely folks while away and had interesting discussions on 'life'. They very much agreed with my own personal philosophies about we are to enjoy our one-time trip through life, to worry less and go with what makes our heart sing. Now yo what I need to say:

When I opened this post I gasped. Really! I thought your desk was just beautiful. Perfect, in fact! It made my heart sing! But when I started reading your post I felt you were way off course by being hard on yourself. You saw flaws that I sure didn't see and probably wouldn't have seen even if I had been standing right next to you.

I guess I really wanted you to know that your desk is really quite an accomplishment, built with teamwork between a husband and wife. I love the industrial look to it! I think many of us need to be kinder to ourselves and less critical of what we accomplish. (I'm saying this to myself as much as anyone else.)

So i want you to know after I arrived back from my trip full of happiness and joy, I was thrilled to look at your desk and so happy you were kind enough to share it with us. Fantastic work!!!


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