Saturday, August 8, 2015

Styling the Coffee Table

I am taking a small course from Skillshare by Justina Blakeney, called Style Your Space like a Pro.

I've been wanting to learn how to style properly for a long time. Copying pictures from pinterest  just didn't work for me. Justina's approach is kind of perfect for an analytical mind like mine.

First up, a mini lesson on bouquets. These are my efforts. I forgot to buy some greenery.

The most adventurous I get with flowers is to buy two different kinds but in the same colour. This time I bought three!

The first lesson in Justina's course is all about the coffee table.

Here is my before shot:

Yeah. That's a sorry sight.

To get started, she suggests I get books (for guests to browse through) and trays to hold things.

Um, guys?

I don't have coffee table books to browse through. Well, Ok, I have a few beloved decor books from eons ago (like before I was married ago) and I am NOT putting those on a coffee table where my husband just might put his feet or I might just spill a drink.

Just no.

So, I had a heck of a time getting started until I just decided to put the flowers and candles down.

Justina also provides suggestions for photos. This is the "overhead" shot. Oh--and that orange? It's my "sign of life."

Needs? Honestly? I want to discourage my husband from putting his feet on it!*

Shape? Love all the round things. There's actually very few straight things. I could almost use more straight things in my life, couldn't I? There are flat things and tall things. I need more variety for tall things. All I really have for that is candles.

Colour palette: Well, there's a lot of colour happening--probably more than I'd like--and none of it is related to each other--or the sofa. Definitely room for improvement, here. (I am wishing for another vaguely orange or coral thing by the candlesticks.)

Pattern: Given the coffee table's proximity to the sofa and a rug, Justina asks, "Do you need pattern?" I decided not to worry about it. (Though, I do confess, I'm on the look out for a small wooden zebra.)

Texture: the flowers, and the fruit, naturally. Also: the dog. Love the dog.

Placement: Three things on the table. Three things on the stack of catalogues. Three kinds of flowers. Say hooray for three!

Bling: Yep. Got that. In fact, I have far too many bling-like things.

Botanicals:  Yep, absolutely! And not just the sorry succulents, either!

And finally, the mid-shot.

Now, that was useful. And fun! I want to do it again. This exercise helped me identify what sort of things I'd like to have. For example, I don't have any pillar candles--or votives, either! I need tall things that aren't candles.  I don't have many things with rough textures--everything is kind of shiny and smooth. I need trays. I've been wanting something to help me figure out what I need: this is it. The list is long. And growing. I want to buy all the things. The frugal minimalist inside me is having a heart attack.

Up next?

That dratted sofa.

Assignment 1: Identifying Justina's styling principles is here.

*As I was finishing up this post, I glanced into the living room, and there was hubs completely chilled out on the sofa--with his feet on the coffee table!

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