Friday, July 24, 2015

Housekeeping Challenge Day 6: Pushing Through

I had big plans for today--none of which I accomplished. Theoretically, I had time, but mentally, the time I had to leave for work lay in my path like a huge caltrops lying in my path.

Plus, there was a thunderstorm--and the power went out for twenty minutes.

So, I kept to the bare minimum today.

1. Make the bed. 
Yes! I went one step further and put on some pretty pillowcases, too.

2. Swish and swipe the bathrooms. (Full bath on the main floor and the powder room upstairs)
3. Put away dishes in dish rack while coffee brews.

4. 15 minute pick up throughout main floor.
Honestly, I can't remember, so no. 

5. Pick up the principle (formerly, master) bedroom
Yes. 6/6

6. Laundry:
Wash one, dry one, fold one, put one away. Not necessarily the same one.
Yes! I got the folding done from yesterday and yet another load done and hung up on the line. 4/5

8. Do the Evening Dishes.
When I got home from work at 10:20pm they were done!

Happy. So tired.


MMarie said...

Hi Alana, sounds like you needed a day of rest yesterday! Rest is good so don't beat yourself up too much! Loving your accountability series and love your family is pitching in to help you!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, MMarie! I enjoyed the storm.

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