Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Housekeeping Challenge Day 4: Temptation

Thankfully, today was a day off.

I decided to focus on the laundry.

Believe it or not, it's all clean.

So, I fired up a webinar and folded for a long time.

These clothes in the basket and on the table are new. I washed them just today--they had to be taken off the line quickly when it threatened to rain. More folding in the forecast, tomorrow!

How did the rest go?

I found it really, really hard to ask the kids to do anything--after all, I was home, these jobs are my job. But, I did. Unfortunately, my daughter did not do the vacuuming I asked her do--but my son did do the dishes after lunch (and brought in the clothes off the line).

I had to overcome the HUGE temptation to just take the day off, too. The house is looking OK, after all.

1. Make the bed. 
Yes! 4/4

2. Swish and swipe the bathrooms. (Full bath on the main floor and the powder room upstairs)
yes! 2/4
3. Put away dishes in dish rack while coffee brews.
Yes. 4/4

4. 15 minute pick up throughout main floor.

5. Pick up the principle (formerly, master) bedroom
Yes. 3/4

6. Laundry:
Wash one, dry one, fold one, put one away. Not necessarily the same one.
Yes, I'd say so!  3/4.

8. Do the Evening Dishes. (Honestly? If I stick my hands in dishwater after supper, it counts! It all counts.)
This was hard. I really, really wanted to leave them. Oddly, what spurred me on was the fact that even if I did the glasses, plates, and cutlery--there would still be the pots and pans to do! 3/4.

Thanks for you encouragement--and the accountability. It is the only way those dishes got done.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Way to go! I did NOT feel like washing dishes last night, but got the majority done and it felt so good. I need to empty the drainer and finish the rest today then I'll feel really good.

I have a basket of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away, and this morning I need to change the bed sheets before making the bed.

Have a lovely day today and it's nice that your son got the laundry in before the rain came.


Alana in Canada said...

Good for you Lorraine! Reluctant housekeepers of the world unite! Doesn't it feel great just to keep things moving along?!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more frustrating to me that to go to cook and the sink be full of dishes. This seems to escalate if it is in the morning. Something about waking up and the sink empty makes me smile. Keep going! You are on a roll!
Gina in Chattanooga, TN

t said...

Alana, Do not feel bad about asking your kids for help!!!! They need to pitch in and keep the house tidy. You can't do everything. And good job on keeping up with things - it makes life easier and the house more pleasant.

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