Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Housekeeping Challenge: Day 1 Report.

Not to make excuses but it was an awfully long day at work. When I got home at about 8:30 pm yesterday all I was good for was bed. So I went.

So, the first day didn't go that well.

1. Make the bed. 
I did do this: but 1/2 hour later I noticed the dog had been in and turned down the covers to sleep on the pillows. 

2. Swish and swipe the bathrooms. (Full bath on the main floor and the powder room upstairs)
No. My daughter is supposed to clean the upstairs bath for me today. Cross your fingers. 
3. Put away dishes in dish rack.

4. 15 minute pick up throughout main floor.
No. But I did make supper in the crockpot. 

5. Pick up the principle (formerly, master) bedroom
I picked up the stuff the dog had dragged out of the trashcan. That counts, right?

6. Laundry:
Wash one, dry one, fold one, put one away. Not necessarily the same one.
Someone else washed a load and hung it on the line to dry. I didn't see this--but I was told about it. Hooray.

8. Do the Evening Dishes.
Someone else was supposed to do them. She didn't. 

So, 4/8. 
I'm OK with that. I probably slept 9-10 hours last night. I'm good with that, too.

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