Monday, January 24, 2011

Colour Flow

Tackling nagging tasks is dangerous at my house. As I mentioned, a million other little voices seem to waken from their naps and begin clamouring for attention. One such little voice, beginning to drown out the others, resides in my front hallway. It is a tiny hallway--and I have done my best to turn it into an entryway by placing a cabinet in it--with "something" on the wall above it.

This is the latest. This is what you see coming in the front door:

I bought this mirror which I quite like: but the black just isn't working for me. (Neither does the "console"--an old upper cabinet from some workshack I turned upside down, attached legs to and painted --but it fits.).

I want to paint this front hall bit. This colour is quite strong (Benjamin Moore, 2149-40 Timothy Straw, 1/2 strength) --and it goes all the way upstairs. I love it there. The colour works really, really well with the orangey wood I have upstairs. (The area also gets more light with a south facing window than this bit does, so it's not quite so intense up there as here.)

And it is time for a change.

I've been playing with my Benjamin Moore Fan deck all weekend and realised I needed a colour flow diagram. Even so, I'm stumped.

(My daughter added the body in the bath tub ;))

The living room is to the left (dark brown, cream, black and orange), the dining room to the right (fresh green, cream, dark brown, black). These two rooms are painted a pale yellow (with a touch of orange) Benjamin Moore, French Vanilla, CC 248.

My choices from least favourite to most are: green, yellow, turquoisy blue, orange and grey.

1) Green. I have it in the dining room and just a little bit in some accessories and the curtains in the kitchen. It is time to change the curtains. I'm tired of the accessories. I love it in the dining room, but it won't be that difficult to change it. I have had green since FOREVER--but now that the sofa is covered up, we can move on from the nineties. Yeah.

2) Yellow. Mmmmm. Yes. My kitchen cabinets are yellow. Sunshiney yellow. Nothing else in my house is yellow. I can't believe it. I will have to start introducing yellow into the other rooms, too. In fact, I should have done so a long time ago. Yellow is tricky, though, and it is easy to over-do.

3) Turquoisey blue. When I posted the kitchen table and chair project last week, I realised that this really was a one-off colour in my house. There's nothing else that is blue-green, either, except the accents in the upstairs powder room (and that's such a different blue-green, it is hard to believe they are the same hue.)

I purchased this little creamer Saturday from Value Village. Isn't it lovely?

I love both the blue-green inside and the blue flowers on the outside as options for the hall.
But is it too late to jump on the aqua bandwagon? Hasn't that train left the station? I don't know, anymore. I've been admiring it for a long time, now, it seems.

4) Orange. I don't want an intense racing stripe-like orange. I don't want pumpkin or caramel or, heaven forbid, peach. I like Flower Pot (CC-96) with my French Vanilla, but it may be too dark. And I thought yellow would be tough!

5) Grey. Yes, grey. Thinking "forward", here. But there's really only one grey in the entire BM fan deck I like with the French Vanilla and that's Revere Pewter, (HC 172).

Any thoughts?

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Leena said...

How about the hall being very light yellow? I did not actually notice that it was in straw colour allready, kind of thought it was white. It's sometimes difficult to see the colour in pictures.

I do also like the green idea, I'd choose something very light, maybe slightly tuned to gray, light green can make it look like an emergency room easily.

I don't know if grey is really you? I might be totally wrong here, I don't actually know you :) But I think I know you like colour and grey is not an actual colour.

Turquise, hmm don't know, I think I'll just choose something very light and maybe a colour you allready have in your home, then it would feel like it belongs there. Just some ideas...

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