Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nagging Task #5 (For Leena)

A long, long time ago, I became inspired by too much browsing at The House of Turquoise.

I lusted and longed for turquoise, aqua, that blue-green.

In this inspiration image, I thought I had my answer.

image from House of Turquoise

I would get my turquoise fix with a quick trip to Benjamin Moore. No problemo.
No more pine!!

Sorry, that's the best picture I've got. I kept the table covered pretty much all the time, even though it looks so fussy to me.



Yes, there is a wow. This Ikea table is over 25 years old.

and, finally, painting ensued.

Then, it rained.

The kitchen table was stuck outside, in limbo, for a very long time. I painted the lower kitchen cabinets, I painted the upstairs bathroom (the walls, the fixtures, and the accessories) and I de-cluttered my daughter's room and painted her dresser and a desk. August was busy.

And then, I brought everything in, set it all up, loved it, and forgot the table and chairs had been a "big makeover." With all of those other projects on the go, I guess it wasn't so strange, was it?

In the back of my mind, though, was the that nagging thought, "You still need to post pictures of this." But you know kitchen tables. They're the dumping ground for everything. Especially one by the back door like this one. It gets cleared off for supper and then, somehow, everything just migrates back to it.

But today, I needed to get the Christmas table cloth off of it. The runner was finally washed and pressed. And so, here it is.

But I'm not sure it will last through the summer. I got this from Room and Board in my inbox this week and I positively swooned.

Might as well jump on this trend at the beginning, rather than wait for the end! I even have a can of that yellow in the basement.

That wraps up the week of featured "nagging tasks." Thanks, everyone, it's been fun and very, very productive!


LOJO said...

I really like those turquoise chairs- are your kitchen cabs yellow or cream? (can't tell on my monitor)..... the kitchen looks good! Great job on those nagging tasks.....
It's COLD this weekend here (-15F) so no painting in my basement - that's my nagging task. It has to be warmer down there before I can start.....

Leena said...

Wohoo! Turquise! Now you posted it, one nagging task less :)

And there is nothing wrong with yellow either, go for it if you want to.

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