Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nagging Task #2 (and)

Ever notice how once you pay attention to one nagging task all the others get jealous and start to yell at you: "Do me, do me!" They all start clamouring for attention--even ones you hadn't known existed--and the noise is so loud you lose your hastily scribbled list and begin spinning in circles.

That's what happened yesterday.

Here was the task: empty the basket.

But, then, I turned around and noticed these towels:

(Our full bathroom is on the main floor. My daughter wraps herself up after her bath, mounts the stairs to her room, changes into pj's and then dumps these over the railings. I am grateful they are not on the floor.)

So, of course, I had to do the "towel" laundry.

That was satisfying to get out of the way. We needed them done, too. I keep a fairly lean house. Put the towels we need in the bathrooms and this is pretty much all we have to store.)

(I agree there's a bit of weeding of the hand towels needed.)

Once I had the stairwell decluttered, I noticed how I wasn't holding my breath passing through the space anymore. Really? I had been holding my breath? Wow. Talk about making yourself tense.

(I think I might switch out that art-work, too. It feels like there needs to be nothing in that space below the railing.)

But the bookcase needed straightening up. I had removed a number of books as part of AT's Fall 2010 Home Cure and I thought, why don't I style these up a bit.


I stumbled upon this fabulous organizing designer's site simplified bee and I eagerly clicked on the post: Tips on styling a bookcase. I confess she lost me at the instruction to

Store or donate unsightly paperback books.

They are all unsightly paperback books. Each and every one.

So I did what I could with what I had.

I have no totchhkes. No pretty vases, no interesting bits of pottery, no quirky objects, no hands, Buddhas or Eiffel towers. No starfish, no rusted things, no balls of twine, no balls of any kind. I did have letters left over from Christmas, though.

Argh. I really should paint the wall down to the shelf proper and get rid of that annoying unecessary, second horizontal. And the baseboards, should I do something about them under the shelves?
Oh Hush.

Today's? I'm not entirely sure.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the shelves up over the toilet.

We'll see.


Melissa said...

The bookshelves look great! I am biased of course because I love shelves full of books and I never have room for other little cutesy things either. I like that you've stacked them different way here and there for interest.

Leena said...

Nice work! I don't think it's neccessary to "decorate" bookshelves. Bookshelf is for books, right? But I do like your JOY text.

Do you have any hooks on the bathroom where to hang used but not yet dirty towels?

Anne (in Reno) said...

I think decorating bookshelves tends to be more for people who don't read the books on them. I will occasionally have a horizontal stack and stick a little vase on it but overall the priority is the books, not little tchotchkes. And I say they look good from here.

I would also like to second the idea for towel hooks, I think that's the only reason Matt's towel gets hung up at all.

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