Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nagging task #3 (I think)

Firstly, thank you all so much for your comments! They are so encouraging. (And we do have hooks in the bathroom! It's a combination of 1) she's ten, 2) the bathroom is on another floor, 3) and she is, unfortunately, the sort of person who will open a drwer to put cutlery away and not close it. Have you seen Date Night? That guy.)

Today's (or rather yesterday's) nagging task was one that, actually, hasn't been nagging at me at all. It just seemed the thing to do yesterday evening when everyone was in the living room with nothing in particular to do.

I decluttered yet more shelves: the ones in the living room. Hooray! (I neglected to buy the doors when we purchased these billys from Ikea and now they're discontinued! These have been a bane in my side ever since.)

Before: (left)

After: (left)

Before: (right)

And today: (right)

The stack "to go":

(Ever remove a bunch of stuff and then wonder how on Earth it ever fit in there? I had that reaction when I looked at this.)

Wait until you see what I've done today. You will love it.


Melissa said...

Ok, Alana, you are totally inspiring me to find something that needs organized and just do it! LOL Great job once again. I don't really have any obvious spots around the house, but I know where a few are lurking in closets.

LOJO said...

fantastic! I need to do the boys shelves... he has baby stuff still in them!

Maria Killam said...

Ahhh so nice to get organized isn't it. I wait until I'm outta control (like my office) and then I got nuts and get'er done!
Looks great!

Maria Killam said...

Oops I forgot to thank you so much for nominating me! So kind!

Leena said...

:D I'm that person myself who leaves the drawer open after taking something from there :) Luckily I do have the motivation to hang my towel, but don't know if I had that as a kid.

Are you sure IKEA does not sell doors for billy? Because they do here. I found glass and solid doors. Or are the shelves some different size?

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