Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Report on Nagging Task #1

The official #1, that is.

From this:

to this:

Hemming and ironing (and ironing) these curtains took pretty much the whole day (and evening) yesterday.

I kept going only because I said it would be done by today--and I didn't want to have to start "new post" with a date on it any later than right now. (Besides, it was cold up there!)

The experience makes me think that by putting "tackle a nagging task" on a check list you intend to do something about every day, it's unlikely that Ms. Rubin had such time consuming tasks in mind. Or maybe she did--and I'm just that slow about getting them done.

Regardless, I may (or may not) scale back the size of these nagging tasks. Here's the next one:

Yes. I need to empty and put away the contents of this basket on my stairwell library landing. I have decisions to make about keeping vs tossing some items in here--and finding homes for them, so this isn't quite as easy as it looks.

Wish me luck.


Melissa said...

The hemmed curtains look wonderful - great job on nagging task #1! Good luck with the basket of items.

Melissa said...

Hi Alana, just a quick response to your comment on my blog - YES, it was 5 thousand slides. We spent the entire day going through them, but really it was the best way for us. We were able to make quick decisions and we still ended up with a huge pile of great memories and were able to pass the rest along! Cheering you on as you process all those digital photos - keep the best, delete the rest! :>)

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Ugh, I have so many nagging little tasks that need to get done - they're the ones that keep getting ignored and pushed aside in favour of the big & exciting projects!

Nice work on the curtains, and good luck with your basket task! :-)

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