Monday, January 17, 2011

Nagging Tasks

I admit it.

I'm falling behind on keeping my January resolutions.

This may have something to do with my lethargy:

(Snow, everyday. Minus 20C or so, every day. I caught this shot yesterday from the driveway as my son was coming out to shovel, poor kid. I had to give him my hat.)

One of my resolutions, a la Happiness Project, is to do one of those "nagging tasks" every day. You know--that thing you keep thinking you really must do--but then forget about until you trip over the supplies or are inconvenienced by its not-being-done-yet, once again.

One such nagging task was to clear off this mantle, scrape up all the wax, put away the lingering Christmas schtuff, give it a good clean. You know the drill.

And so, before heading out yesterday, I did it.

It's nuts how motivating it is to post what projects I get done, so please, lets hope there will be one a day this week.

That is if you can abide such nonsense.

Here's the next task:

What's wrong with this picture, you might ask--other than the stuffing falling out of the pillow, the unmade bed, the basket of Christmas things not yet put away and the messy shelves? Remember minus 20? Yeah, well, that. The task is to get actual curtains up on the window of my daughter's room--and hemmed. I do have plastic up on the window. Still. Embarrassing.

Hope you are keeping warm wherever you are, whatever your weather!

1 comment :

LOJO said...

I'm getting SLAMMED with snow today and tonight. Hope you guys stay warm.
I lost my mojo for a while too, took a week off and I feel much better. Do what you can, and what you did do looks great!

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