Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Decorating

Sorry for the long hiatus, but the computer had a virus. All fixed now, thank goodness.

Inspired by a "Mantle Party" at Stories from A to Z I decided I would do what I could to decorate my mantle for Valentine's Day. I had a couple of sweet little pink demi-tasses (with saucers in a heart shape) and a couple of candlesticks to start.

I had a great time scouring the other entries for ideas. One, this "Subway Art" from Eighteen25 (well worth checking out for all kinds of great crafty ideas) was one idea I directly copied. I spray painted a frame I already had in the basement, printed it out in 8x10 and put some scrapbook paper behind it.

Maillardville Manor gave me the idea to use books with properly coloured spines. She had a great post about it. She was trying out yellow on her coffee table. I was so impressed I even requested the books she used. I've read one of them already.

On my mantle we have "Five Little Peppers and How they Grew" and a few books from the McGuffey Readers' series, 1920's vintage.

The carnations are from the grocery store. I just stuck them in one of our drinking glasses from the dollar store.

The plate was an indulgence from Home Sense. (The Canadian equivalent of the US store Home Goods, I guess). At first, I bought the lunch plate, but it really was too small. So, I returned it and picked up the dinner plate the very next evening. Cost: $4.99

I also picked up some felt to make bunting hearts. I really liked this one Made by Joel:

I was supposed to make it with my daughter, but she was busy, busy, busy last weekend.

No matter. The mantle feels complete without it. And full.


Lauren said...

Can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day - yikes! Love a good dose of pink - maybe this is a good, boy-proof way to sneak it into the house? Looks great!

Maillardville Manor said...

Thanks for the shout out :) I'm so glad you found a post useful!
Love the Valentines Decor :)
Lots of Love

Leena said...

Oh, this looks so lovely. I love this arrangement, and I also like the theme and the point that it is not long lasting and easily replaced with something else.

We don't really celebrate valentines day in Finland so I'm not likely to do anything in that theme, but in some other theme.

Anne (in Reno) said...

This is a really cute display! And I love the little print! I never would have thought to assemble something like this and it looks so nice.

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