Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolution 1


Every night before bed. (Please).

Believe it or not, this is the first time I have gone to bed since before Christmas Eve with the dishes DONE. You remember how down I was about Christmas? Well, I dragged my energy together enough to clean for Christmas Eve dinner and make the tortiere (which is a bigger deal than it seems cause it means cleaning every single dish to roll out the pastry and finding a home for every scrap of paper so I can set the table).

And what happens is what happens every year, though I usually forget. My mother arrives 20 minutes before Church service. This year we had actually decided not to bother with Church--the decision had been made for all of 5 minutes when the husband got home, rushed inside and demanded why we all weren't ready. So, we went. Mom took the kids in her car (including the birthday boy, my one year old-that-day nephew) and the husband and I hoofed it the few blocks through the iceberg.

After service, Mom picks up my sister and returns for dinner. We eat. We have the ice cream cake she brought for her son's birthday. They leave. Mom offered to help with dishes--she even told me to let her pack them up and take them to her place so she could put them in her dishwasher.

She gets points for effort.

So, it's over. It's finally over.

And time to begin anew.


Anne (in Reno) said...

Ugh. Dishes. You totally should have taken her up on the taking away of the dishes to put in her dishwasher.

That said, your countertop looks nice and clean! It just makes you feel like Sisyphus some days, nothing ever stays clean and it can be so enraging!

lorijo said...

That's funny. My 2nd resolution is this very issue. I have 2 ft of counter on each side of my sink and apparently dinner makes my husband so tired he just leaves the plates etc... all over. The dishes quickly take over my tiny kitchen. Well, no more (I hope)

scb said...

May your New Year be a good one for you. Be good to yourself -- you deserve it! (And good luck with the clean counter resolution -- I'm gonna try that one myself. Now that I'm living in a place with a smaller kitchen, any mess in the kitchen seems a much bigger deal. But the bedrooms are larger, and are down a hallway, with the bathroom, which is the tradeoff that makes the tiny kitchen okay!)

Mella DP said...

A good resolution. The very happiest of New Years to you, Alana!

drwende said...

Good for you! I mentioned it, in a very flattering way, in my blog.

Here's to a joy-filled 2009 for you!

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