Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turning the other cheek--

Perhaps it is because I don't watch a lot of TV talk shows and political stuff. Perhaps it is because I am naive.

But, I have been perusing You-tube for appearances by Michelle Obama-and I am greatly impressed. I think she was one of the reasons Obama was elected--and I think she had a very serious and essential role in his campaign.

This response to Larry King about Palin, though, is brilliant. Not only does it take the high ground--but it is a deft example of how to take someone else's "barb" and deflect it so completely, you can turn the conversation into something else. That's what I understand when Jesus says to "turn the other cheek." He doesn't mean, give him your other cheek for your opponent to slap (though he may), he simply means, turn away from the conversation your opponent is having. Don't give it the benefit of your attention or a defensive response. This is how you disarm him. This is how you remove the sting. This is how you render a criticism toothless. I've seen enough of Michelle Obama to observe she does this effortlessly.


I saw another interview after the election where Palin whined about why it was her kids were not "off limits" like Obama said his were.

Um--Mrs. Palin, watch Mrs. Obama.


That's why.

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