Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Forecast.

How many calories does shivering burn?







It's been a week already.

I'm thinking all the nasty pine beetles and wasps have been killed already. And it isn't like this isn't going to happen again in January or February (or both).


Mella DP said...

Good grief. We hit about -25C on Monday morning (with winds I could barely walk into). The rest of the week hasn't been fun, but nothing like that. Lots of snow though. *Lots.*

lorijo said...

EEK! we are windy and I got around 14 inches of snow THIS MORNING, but we are no where near that cold! Bundle up!

drwende said...

Gleeps. I remember that kind of winter -- you end up closing the curtains to hold onto every last degree of heat. Depressing.

Christine in DC said...

Holy moly! I don't think I have ever experienced temperatures like that! It gets to be 20...ohhhhh waiiiiitttt, I just realized I wasn't thinking Celsius. Still, that's cold! :)

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