Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas II.

According to astronomer enthusiast Dave Reneke, Jesus could have been born in June.

June 17, 2 BC, to be precise.

Under whose calendar? Was there even a June yet, then?
Maybe it was really May?

Oh well. I like Christmas lights in the snow. If we moved Christmas to June, I'd be mistaken for a pagan.

Yep. Uneven, haphazard, and drooping. Nothing even vaguely formal or Martha Stewartish about our seasonal cheer!!


drwende said...

Well, if Jesus is both human and divine, wouldn't his being a Gemini make more sense?

The December date is predicated on how the early Church wanted to arrange everything in relation to Easter -- at least, that's the official "academic" Catholic version, rather than the popular belief that Christmas was just dropped atop a convenient pagan holiday. Either way, late December was chosen for reasons other than strict historical accuracy.

scb said...

First of all, for the record, I like your Christmas lights, and you're right, they're much prettier in December. We also need the reminders of light in the dark of winter.

I've heard other speculations that Jesus' birth was actually around September 15. My English friend whose birthday is September 15 thinks that's a great notion.

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