Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh, Finally....

Look, it's warming up for a few days:!!!





I CANNOT tell you how frustrated I am. It's not just the cold, but the fact that with this weight, I have NO CLOTHES! I'm wearing four layers on top--four very snug layers which won't stay put--and I cannot handle this discomfort anymore.

Did you know that fat people can't put their arms in front of their bodies? It's true. Never mind airplane seats--computer keyboards are too small.

If it weren't for the fact that
1) it hasn't been warmer than -20 since I don't know when, (the dog is even refusing to go outside!)
2) the kids have been sick during the holidays,
3) I hate walking alone in the dark,
4) I hate driving in the dark,
5) the sun doesn't rise until 9 am (long after the husband has gone to work), and
6) the sun sets at about 4 (before the husband gets home)

I would be out there excercising!

WHAT am I going to do?

In other news: my sister plans to begin the process of signing custody of her son over to my mother on Monday. (We'll see if that actually happens. She's been spending the last week pretty depressed and unhappy, not surprisingly. Pray she can screw her courage to the sticking place to do this extremely difficult and selfless thing.)

He will be coming to us while my Mom works during either the morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday, Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings.


scb said...

Oh how I hope the custody thing goes well.

It is definitely waaaaaaay too cold to exercise outside. Yesterday I didn't go to see Mum & Dad because we had a blizzard. Today I didn't go because the windchill was -45 (I'm a wimp). I hope the warming trend they're forecasting really truly happens!

lorijo said...

I am also hoping that the custody situation works out-

-18c is about 4F right? I guess I can't complain about today it was 18F (-7.7 by the converter) but it was sunny.

I am going tomorrow to check out my parents treadmill and stationary bike- it's not the cold that bothers me this time of year- it's the snow and ice that make it impossible for me to go out to walk.
Good luck!

drwende said...

ARGH! You must be immensely frustrated. And it's really too cold for you to exercise outdoors safely anyway, which isn't much comfort.

Is it at all possible for you to do any sort of exercise indoors? Stretching? Hefting large soup cans in an orderly way? At this point, you probably need some motion to work off your frustration at being cooped up.

That's good news about your sister's willingness to sign the papers, though. Here's hoping she follows through.

Kerry said...

I have to say, a good yoga or beginner's hand weights and stretching routine can work wonders. Perhaps the library has a DVD? We were doing it 30 minutes, 3x week this summer, and I definitely noticed some definition and muscle building after just a month. Plus, your children would probably also enjoy it.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks everyone!

Well, I did notice that I had checked out "Sit and be Fit" from the library. I just might be forced to try it!

Actually if it really is -9 tomorrow (and there isn't any nasty wind chill factor) we just might go sledding. (Along with 1 million other kids. But still, it could be fun).

Anne (in Reno) said...

Ooh, I've got my fingers crossed for the signing of the papers!

And I'd give you great advice about the working out indoors when the weather is crappy if I wasn't in the same boat completely. Bah.

zooza said...

Hope the custody thing goes smoothly, too.

For exercise, could you put some music on and dance around wildly?

And we got excited because it hit -5 here the other night. We are a nation of wimps, I know...

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