Sunday, July 5, 2009


You may remember my accidental drastic pruning of our anemic rose "bush" last year. Just in case you have trouble visualizing a minimalist rose bush: this should help.

All of you who knew about such things reassured me that it would be all right. I'm happy to say: you were absolutely right!

Here it is, as of today:

It needs to be weeded and staked, but I'm afraid to do it.
Unfortunately, the rose has reverted back to its root stock and Dr. Huey is a nasty, horribly thorny breed.

On the bright side, it may be a really good reason to put some trellis in front of that downspout.

And you'll be happy to know I disturbed three bees to get these pictures, Anne.


scb said...

Dr. Huey may have nasty thorns, but oh what gorgeous colored blooms! (It's a little known fact that the real reason Knights in Days of Old wore armor is so that they could present their Ladies with roses without doing permanent injury to their person. It's a little known fact because I just made it up.)

Anne (in Reno) said...

Hurrah! Roses AND bees! I call that a triumph. Lots of floppy plants can survive a drastic pruning and this is a great example!

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