Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Question about files

Specifically, Auto Insurance files.

As I was putting away our paperwork on the Jeep, it occured to me to throw out some of our past insurance documents, accident reports, etc.... But then I started to wonder--should I?

We no longer even have the vehicles, now. But I'm not sure if we'll need it all some day or not.


drwende said...

Call your insurance agent and ask him or her.

LOJO said...

exactly what Wende said. I didn't get rid of my Jeep stuff for 3 years, but it may be different up there.
Again, don't you just love Jeeps? After one saved my life (and the unborn boys) I can't say enough about them. I decided to get my first Jeep about 15 years ago in Austin when I saw a guy outside his upside down jeep (his was a soft top too)just walking around and talking to the cops about the accident.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I third Wende's advice, but personally, I don't think I've got the insurance info from any cars I no longer have.

And I still kind of want a Jeep now. Hondas are safe, right?

Alana in Canada said...

That's right--I forgot your accident had also been in a Jeep, Lorijo.

I have no clue about Hondas, Anne, except my Mom just bought one--a Civic--and it is much too low to the ground. Especially with the potholes we have here. They've been known to swallow SUV's.

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