Friday, July 17, 2009


It's no secret that I struggle with "keeping" my home. In early January/late December I came across an e-book of housekeeping assignments. Called Motivated Moms, it's a page per week schedule for doing housework. It's available as a download, with or without scripture, in two formats for $8. The woman who thought of it was brilliant, I think.

On the list for Wednesday, among other things, were these:
  • Wash windows - master bedroom

  • Clean blinds/curtains - master bedroom

  • and a little further down the list,

  • Dust master bedroom

  • Well!
    How could I resist?

    I had started cleaning up back in June. My mother loves to give gifts. And she loves to shop Value Village. Every time she comes to visit (and in May and June it was nearly every day) she would have a few items of clothing, either for the kids or me. It was overwhelming. When she found out I planned to lose weight, she started bringing clothes which were too small! "Motivation," she called it.

    On June 22, I started tackling it--and took these before pictures.

    Last Wednesday, I felt ready to tackle my MM tasks. I took down the curtains, washed, dried, ironed and hung them back up--all on the same day. That was kind of amazing to me all by itself!

    Then I washed the windows, the surfaces of the dressers, dusted the walls, pictures and bookshelves. I dry swiffered the floor. I vacuumed the window screen, the lampshades, the couch and the dust bunnies (more the size of small cats. Why do they call them dust bunnies, anyway.? As if they are cute and cuddly. They're not. They're nasty feeding grounds for vermin.) behind the couch, dresser and at the head of the bed. Wow, did that feel good! And the next morning, I took these. Just for you.

    I'm getting antsy to finish the living room. I hadn't thought I'd be living with the dining/computer room looking like this:

    It's been like this almost a week!

    And wouldn't you know it-- on my MM list for today is:

  • dust dining/breakfast room(s). (Yesterday was "dust office!")

    scb said...

    Wow! You've accomplished a lot! When you're done, want to come here and motivate my home???

    Well done, you!

    drwende said...

    Very cool how much headway you're making!

    You've got me wondering how much of the pervasive difficulty women (including me) have with housekeeping these days comes from two causes:

    1. Standards for homemaking and decorating have gotten tougher (compare decorating magazines today to books from the 1950s -- the current standard is so much more elaborate).

    2. If a woman works outside the home, she doesn't have time for a lot of housework; and if she's a SAHM, she has to cope with being socially isolated other than the internet (as well as with the time demands of activities like homeschooling). Once upon a time, middle-class women who were at home had neighbors to socialize with, which was itself an incentive to keep the house tidy, as well as uplifting to the mood. We have substantially moved our kaffeeklatsches onto the web, where no one knows if your bed is made.

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