Friday, July 24, 2009


I have been busy.

We bought our replacement vehicle on the weekend. That seemed to take a lot of energy and time, somehow. The living room remained in limbo until yesterday when we finally took out the old thermostat. In the interests of documenting history here it is.

(The Canadian Government introduced the Metric system one unit at a time. They started with temperatures in 1975. Notice the dusty mercury bulb. We made a trip to our local hazardous waste site with it.)

That of course, left us with this which took the entire day and much ingenuity to fill. I really didn't mind.

Our annual heat wave has hit. It feels downright silly to complain about temperatures hovering around the 30 degree mark, but honest-to-goodness it's, it's difficult.

Aurelia and I taped and washed the walls and I did the first round of cutting in before bed last night. Then I got up at 7:30 this morning, before the heat hit too hard and spent about two hours applying the first coat. The paint is thick and uncooperative.

I took this to show you the difference in the colour. I feel like I have stripped the room of depth and character. That oak trim, hiding under the green tape, sticks out. It's no longer integrated into the scheme and looks like a marital dispute. (Which it is.)

The upper bit, above the trim and below the stuccoed popcorn ceiling, thus, needs to be a miracle worker. It must provide a bit of colour and intergrate the wood trim without making the room top heavy. Any suggestions?

We're still on track to leave for the mountains on Sunday. (I think. We got the tent trailer out of storage last night and one of the tires is flat and needs repair.)

I wish we'd already left.


Anne (in Reno) said...

So it looks like you have a sort of pale cream color in here now, with white popcorn ceiling and very yellow oak trim. Is this correct?

Now what about a pale green? It'd have to have some yellow in it to agree with the oak but it would add a hint of color without being overwhelming. My laundry room is a creamy yellow-green, I will try and find a picture of it when I get a chance (I may have blogged it).

Just a thought, I just got back in town and will try and find some pictures to help explain when I am more coherent. Have a fun trip!

lsaspacey said...

I guess I'm disagreeing with you, as I prefer the lighter color and the exposed wood. But then I love Craftsman homes. This looks lighter and fresher. I would try a just slightly darker shade of cream or a taupe; too dark or too different of a color will visually shorten the height of your room.

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