Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damage Control

The living room continues. I was taping away and about to wash when it occurred to me that we probably wanted to fill the crack in the wall.

Oh and patch a few water damaged spots. (It's fixed. Water had been seeping through cracks in the Stucco outside. More importantly it has stayed fixed through the last two winters!)

And that it wouldn't make any sense to wash the walls today and then have to do it all over again in a few days, so it's Hubby's territory and domain now and things will progress, albeit slowly, as they ought. (That crack is very deep in spots, unfortunately and will take several applications of whatever to be filled in properly.)

In other news, the jeep left us today.

I took one last picture of the damage it took saving the lives of my son and husband. I cannot believe my son was sitting right there--right behind that dangling visor, right next to that caved in and bent windshield.

I will be forever grateful to this big hunk of metal. Thank you. So long.

(We're getting another, the 2009 model, thanks to our Insurance policy.)

1 comment :

drwende said...

It sounds like it was really TIME for a living room update. Kudos on your patience in making sure you do it right.

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