Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Silly, but...

A while ago, I took on the challenge to do my dishes every night before bed in order to have clear and empty counters greet me cheerfully every morning. I took a picture every night before bed with the intention of posting the pics at the end of the week as witness of my "progress."

But, it was too depressing. When I couldn't get to it (and even when someone else did it for me) I was confronting those dirty dishes and that less than perfect counter not just when I got up in the morning: but when I took the picture before bed, when I uploaded the picture to the computer (along with several other days' worth), when I manipulated the images for posting, and then, again, in the post. I was discouraged, may we say heartily discouraged, and I decided to let it go for a bit.

Yesterday was an awful day. I was crabby, the kids were bickering, and the husband is all tense and worried about his union's stupidity and their penchant for being agressive. He's afraid of a strike vote. It would be ridiculous if it wasn't so scary. Unlike 6 months ago--there's no manpower shortage.

I did my monthly shop--I cleaned the fridge before I went shopping and portioned and bagged all the meat for the freezer afterwards--and I, somehow, kept up with the dishes. So much so that the dishes in the dish rack here, though done at midnight--represent our snack plates and popcorn bowls--not the dinner dishes (as is usually the case).

I have to say, it's a great way to start the day!


drwende said...

I APPLAUD you for getting the meat separated and into the freezer. That's the task that usually defeats me.

You've inspired me to be more aggressive about keeping my counter clear (since I don't have a dishwasher in this place), but man! The dishes multiply!

Alana in Canada said...

They do, don't they! I'm not going to say a thing about you being one person and we being four--'cos even when it was only me--they multiplied. So, I really think it IS the dishes.

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