Saturday, July 11, 2009


The lampshade on the left, I think.

Remember I said I had a zero budget? Well, it turns out that's very nearly true. We can either build a little bit of deck in the back this week--or I can buy a can of paint. We decided I can get the paint!
So, I will use paint we have left over for the trim and ceiling--and I will be using the same colour as what is in the dining room already. It's a lovely warm "French Vanilla." For drapes, the brown ones I had will be fine for winter: but for summer I'm going to use the plain off-white tab top cotton ones I already have from Ikea. I have two sets which is what I need to get all the way acoss that window.
It'a pain and not what I want, but it will acheive my goals which are quite modest.
1) change things,
and 2) to lighten it up.
I'm going to reserve the area above the wood trim and below the ceiling for an "accent colour" which I haven't yet decided upon. I do have some yellow paint but it is too clear to go with the "caramel" tone in the French Vanilla and the wood-which-must-not-be-painted. Oh well. I hope to wash the window trim and tape today. I may even get the first coat on before bed. My mom is taking us to Ikea later to pick up another one of those lamps (and appropriate shade) above.
Tomorrow I want to steam clean the sofa and finish/start the window trim.
Sunday, wash walls and tape.
Monday, buy the wall paint and begin! (The kids go to Vacation Bible School every morning next week, thus the painting spree!)
(We do have the wood to finish that area above the fireplace. Hopefully, hubby's new saw is up to the task!)


scb said...

With the little mirrors there, I prefer the lamp on the right, but what do I know?

lorijo said...

are those plates on either side of the mirror? I think (and it's just my opinion) that if you use the shades on the left (and I do like those better, you are right about the scale) then the plates need to come down.

I like the plan- good luck-

drwende said...

Add my vote to scb's and lorijo's -- the taller shade is fighting the plate.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks everyone. Yeah--I'm not sure what's going to happen with the plates, exactly. I like them, but I also need NOT to look at them for about the next five years. Not there anyway.

Anne (in Reno) said...

I think the yellow lamps are tall enough that you can put the plates away for a while. Can't wait to see it painted! Is there any wiggle room in the budget? Ikea has some patterned curtains that might be nice for bringing in a little more visual interest. Eventually, maybe.

Alana in Canada said...

Which curtains did you have in mind, Anne?
I've been through the web site a few times and nothing is catching my eye. I did have my Mom bring home the yellow striped Alvine smal--but I'd need two packs and I didn't like them enough to "find" $100 in the non existent budget for them.

linknblogs said...

Your color scheme for the walls and wood which will not be painted versus the window trim sounds wonderful! I'm sure "french vanilla" is beautiful. I also agree with many of the comments about the lamp. I like the lamp on the left, but if the plates are to stay, I like the lamp on the right. My favorite, as to the scale, is the left though. Thank you for sharing your room. Happy painting!

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