Sunday, January 29, 2017

From a Cleaner Kitchen to Emptying the Outbox: January Cure Assignments 10 to 20

Half the Cure.

My goodness, I hadn't realised I had had that much to catch up on!

The thing is, of course, I have been doing something...just not everything I wanted to do and certainly not everything I'd planned to do. This weekend was the end, though. I really need to focus on doing my daily four housekeeping chores.....and let January go. I am giving myself until Wednesday.

Here's what I've done.

Assignment #10: A Cleaner Kitchen.

I worked hard the weekend it was assigned.

I cleaned the spice rack:

It's always disheartening when the after doesn't look all that different from the before. But at least the canisters feel better. They get greasy right here beside the stove. 

Behind the stove:

And behind the fridge, though you'll have to take my word for it!

I cleaned all the open shelving, the garbage can, the side of the fridge, the side of the stove and the baseboards.

I washed the top of the fridge, the top of the microwave, all the cabinets, the stove top and the table.

And then I made a pie. To declutter some apples. Of course.

Finally, I washed the kitchen floor just this Saturday.

Assignment #11: Get a Get Together Together.

This introvert never does this Cure assignment.

Assignment #12 Cabinet Clear Out:

Removed one bottle of barely expired calamine lotion.

Assignment #13: Work on Your Project.

I haven't even finished the list of projects I want to complete this year!

Assignment #14: Lighten Up the Living Room.

I did this just yesterday, too. My son walked in and said, "nice job on the living room. The wall looks different without the mirror there."

The mirror has not been there for at least two years. That Value Village painting has been sitting in its place on top of the mantel since.

But I think he's a minimalist at heart. In fact, right after making this comment, he went right to his room and began cleaning and clearing his shelves.

Assignment #15: A Better Bedroom

I had such tremendous intentions. On the floors weekend, I'd spent the entire Friday night up in this room, going over every inch of the floor.

Last weekend, my husband and I flipped the mattress (flip with the Solstice, rotate with the Equinox) and I washed the mattress cover, pillow covers, bedding and couch cover.

Again, this weekend, I spent Friday evening picking up and tidying. But it wasn't until Sunday that I got around to dusting, (vacuuming up the dust!) and changing the sheets and duvet cover.

But, boy oh boy, is it worth it!

Assignment #16: Catch up Day.

Well, it's sort of catch up weekend, isn't it?!

Assignment #17: Bathroom Blast.

I did this Saturday, too. Spritzed all the porcelain, mopped the floor. The room really needs a full day, though, to wipe all the mold off the tile, the grout and the ceiling. Yes. The moisture problem in there is absolutely out of control. And frankly, we have done all we can at the moment, so I have been procrastinating the chore to clean it because it will just have to be done again, and again.....until we know what to do to fix it.

Assignment #18: Landing Strip

All I needed to do here was wash the floor and put down my new entry rug.

In time.

Assignment #19: Surface Sweep

I do this as a regular part of my daily four. I set the timer for 10 minutes and just go through the main floor and pick up and put away everything lying about on various surfaces.

Assignment #20: Empty the Outbox.

And here we are. This weekend's assignment. The last assignment.

There's more in the car!

I wondered why Janel had scheduled an entire weekend for it and also ended the Cure, leaving the last two days of the month completely unscheduled. But now I think I know why. Not only did I need to take the weekend to catch up,  I have five different places to go to to drop things off. I am going to want the time Monday and Tuesday to go to the second hand store, the animal shelter, the Eco-centre, Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity), and H&M (for textile recycling).

So, I figure I'm done...... Except for the floors in the hallway and the dining room, oh and emptying the outbox and I almost forgot, the list, the darn list I have no faith will be completed this year at all...well, except for those things, I'm done.

I am glad I did this. Adios until next year!


t said...

Oh my gosh - you are getting rid of Scattergories? That is my favorite game!

A few weekends ago, my husband and I moved the mattress, vacuumed the baseboards, under the bed, rotated, washed everything - can't believe how much dust accumulates and it felt so good to have the room so clean.

And that pie looks delicious!

Again, thank you for being an inspiration.

MMarie said...

I'm with you. This year's Cure was a challenge. Partly because I didn't receive the emails and the posts didn't go up on AT website until late in the day or even a few days later. I've done this 3-4 other times though so I know the drill...just didn't have it in me this year. Maybe also because I'm still working on last year's projects! Well done on sticking with it.

thefarmersdaughter said...

looks good! I cleaned my kitchen..but the Mr. is currently building me a new I never got to work in the pantry.... I did get the bathrooms cleaned and the dining room decluttered...but that's about it. I'm not that worried... winter is here for a while...and I have time to clean long and hard until spring comes!

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