Thursday, January 12, 2017

Looking Through the Linens

I started Assignment #9 after a conversation with my daughter about her sheets. A year and a half ago, she switched from a twin bed to a double. We discussed whether she would sleep with a bottom sheet, top sheet and duvet (like I do) or whether she would sleep "European" and forgo the top sheet. She prefers the European way.

So guess what I found in the linen closet? (other than a mess)

Two bottom sheets and three top sheets. Why?

I didn't get rid of them though, as she is not sure what she's going to want to do in the summer. Plus, my son is still in his twin bed----and I wondered if perhaps he might prefer to have a larger top sheet. He is, after all, a very big boy in a very small bed. I wish they still made 3/4 beds and mattresses and bed linens. It would be the perfect size for his smallish room.

Plus, I didn't find any top sheets for a twin bed. There is one on his bed--maybe the other is in the wash?

I do believe in the old rule "one for the bed, one for the wash" for keeping bed linens, but I have a noted weakness for textiles. I've mentioned it before. I have four duvet covers--just for my own bed! I have four sets of sheets to play along. And then there are the uncounted number of pillowcases to further mix and match.

Meh. Small pleasures.

And I don't get out much.

I will get rid of a few washcloths and a bucket with markers in it--(oh that bucket! Back when the kids shared a room, we set up this bucket so they could lower it over the railing and anything they'd "forgotten" to take to bed, like a stuffie or their slippers would be put in the bucket and hauled up. The rope was still inside.) I used it to store the chandelier bulbs I needed for Emma's room. But she she doesn't have that chandy anymore.

I also found a sheer curtain, still in the package from Ikea. Not sure what is going to happen to that.

There are more linens elsewhere in the house, but that was enough for tonight. It took me about 45 minutes.

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C a i t l i n said...

I also wrestle with the how many sheets should I keep dilemma. My trap is that I sometimes keep top sheets whose bottom has long ago worn away and ripped, thinking that I may use it as a drop cloth or for a pillow liner. It is the battle between purging and feeling organized and being frugal and not wasteful. At the end of the day, I think textiles can fall out of the "does it bring me joy" category because they can often be repurposed in a helpful and non wasteful way -even if they don't stir your heart in that Kondo way. Good job on your reorganization! That's a lot of work.

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