Sunday, January 8, 2017

Flowers and Floors

I did not finish.

Friday night, I decided to tackle our bedroom. I started strong.

I started with the closet.

I moved everything out. Dusted the shoe shelf and got rid of two pairs of shoes. Vacuumed the floor. Mopped the floor.


I moved everything to one side of the room.

Vacuumed the dust rhinos.


I did this three different times to reach the whole floor--oh! Except, I didn't move the dressers.

As I was vacuuming and mopping I thought about how much I love getting this beastly chore done. I try to do this in the bedroom at least twice a year--but I think the last time I did this it was actually during the cure one whole year ago!

But disaster struck. While I was cleaning baseboards in the first section, I twisted my ankle. I limped through to the finish line but I could barely walk by the end of it.

Saturday morning, I begged off going to my mothers so I could finish my floors.

I got the hallway upstairs done. Just in the nick of time, my husband finally finished painting the bathroom--so I could put all the stuff away.

I really like it without the bookshelf. I thought it would look weird without it but it's OK.

Then, I tackled the stairs. That was a much bigger job than I'd anticipated for some reason. I mean, I swept. But then I hand washed each step and riser with a bucket or water and a micro fibre cloth.

When I was done, I was done in. It didn't help matters that my ankle was throbbing badly.

I didn't do any more, even though I had my husband pick up my Mom's carpet cleaner so I can try and resuscitate our living room rug.

But it will have to wait.

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