Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January Cure: The Pantry

Day 4!

My pantry is in great shape. Last fall I signed up for a free 5 week course on decluttering and organizing the kitchen. Conquer Your Kitchen was great fun: and it meant I'd been through only recently looking for expired food and what not. So, today, I was content to clean.

This hodge podge of shelf and storage units in my basement (and opposite the laundry machines)  is simply wonderful. Everything is stored here. If it is in use, it's in my cupboard challenged kitchen, but if you finish that box of tea and need another? It is here. So are all the canned goods, extra cleaners and paper products.

Some shelves have lazy susans, most do not. It's functional. I feel no compulsion to prettify it or zush it in anyway.

oops, there's an errant can of chickpeas trying to escape!

Assignment #3 complete!

I am still working on Assignment #3: The Home Project List.


Sarah Wilson said...

I remember your pantry from last year! lol!

Alana in Canada said...

It is sort of memorable, isn't it! Thanks for stopping by.

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