Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Project List for 2017

(I began writing this post during the January Cure when we were challenged to make up a list of projects to do around the house.)

This is always interesting.

Last year I made a list. The year before that, I made a list. I updated the 2015 list last night, thinking it was the 2016 list so now everything is messed up.

Oh well.

Moving on.

2017 is going to be a strange year. Sometime in the fall, my husband will be laid off from the job he has had for 35 years. He will be 61...and he does not want to start drawing on the government pension...there are severe penalties for doing so "early." As well, the union which was in charge of his work pension made a shambles of it: so there's no money to draw from there, either. So, to make up the slack I may have to apply to go full time where I work. There's a fellow in my department who wants to retire at the end of June.

As well, I am going to lose one hundred pounds this year. And I have no idea what my life will look like while I do it. All I know is that my life will have to change --profoundly-- to support the habits and activities that help a 53 year old woman live strong and lean. I have professional help for this. I'm writing about it over at the other blog.

So, there are a few small projects I want to complete---though, honestly, this list is quite ambitious for our circumstances at the moment.


All outdoor projects (except for a little project on the right side) will be postponed.

Upstairs Bedroom:

This one is new.

As I was washing the floors in our bedroom, I decided that the yellow in this closet has got to go. I do not know how I have lived with it for 19 years! That will be a quick gratifying project.

Hallway and Stairs:

  • Finish staining the handrail and topcoat
  • Touch up dings and scratches and scuff marks on stairs
  • Make or buy and install screen for window. (summer breezes!)

Dining Room:

  • Put this engineering print into the new frame I designed and had Chris make for me last summer!
  • remove resin on floor
  • attach legs to the top of the table. It would make it easier to move when we need to do that.


  • Touch up paint on cabinets.
  • Touch up paint on walls where the chairs have rubbed
  • Put up hook for pendant light cord by plug in

  • oops--I forgot to paint this side of the cabinet white! Do that.

Downstairs Bath:

Ok. I lied. Well, actually, I forgot. This little room needs a major overhaul. We should probably just tear down the wallboard on the exterior wall and insulate properly. That is part of our problem. The other part of it I hope can be fixed with a more expensive fan.

  • Clean grout and seal it
  • Repaint walls
  • Replace the toilet
  • Redo ceiling panels.(Scrape and sand off peeling paint, prime and re-paint or varnish.)  Chris re-sealed with a shellac based varnish last summer, but they are still yellowing
  • Wash ceiling in tub/shower area. Re-paint.
  • Install a hook or a towel rack on the back of the door
  • purchase and install a better fan

  • Paint stairs and re-tack stair mats
  • Declutter basement storage area with the recyclables and the bottles and cans.

I also have a gazillion projects I want to complete at my Mom's.  There is a lot of clutter to excavate (mostly in the basement, now). But she doesn't really have any systems or routines for dealing with daily life so we need to put those in place so the house does not become so cluttered we cannot move again.

And as for decorating? Well, at Mom's house there's still the living room, the kitchen, the eating area and upstairs bath. It proceeds at a snail's pace however, between her low energy levels when I'm not there and my not getting over there very much what with one thing and another. Plus, my husband doesn't have the energy he used to have anymore either. But the more we do, the easier it will get, right?

I will be putting this list in the side bar and updating as we go, if I think of it. Who knows, I may even want to blog about the odd project now and again.

PS: Did you see that Apartment Therapy is offering a 20 day Spring Cleaning Cure starting April 10th? I've signed up! I'll be starting on this project list in the mean time.

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