Thursday, April 13, 2017

ORC 2: Jumping In, Reluctantly.

Am I really going to do this?
I've done this five times already. I know how crazy this is!

Last week, when I discovered the One Room Challenge (ORC) was beginning again this year (this is its tenth season!), I was a bit upset that I would not be participating. I was in the midst of a few updates around the house and well, honestly, it snuck up on me.

I just wasn't ready.

As part of my little "whole home refresh" I started to clean the grout in the downstairs bath.

....a few days later....

And I asked my husband to paint.

That would mean patching the wall beside the toilet.

It goes all the way to the floor.

A tricky job with the toilet there, so Chris asked me if he could remove it.

"Sure," I said. "As long as we have a new one in place by Wednesday (today)." We were expecting company.

Well, he ran into problems.

...a few days later...

Of course.

And I decided we should remove the wall unit--and not put it back up again. It is showing its age--and while I loved the storage, it has always felt intrusive.

This photo was taken right after the cabinet was installed. 

I want a sleek new cabinet, instead.

And, I decided I don't want to put the old curtains back up.

This picture was taken the day the curtains went up in 2012!

I love my roman shades in the kitchen and I think one would be fabulous here.

And then, there's the new paint.

I chose Farrow and Ball's "Borrowed Light" mixed into Behr Marquee paint. I chose it without thinking too much --which is not like me at all!

There a few other projects we can throw in as well.

1) Repaint the ceiling planks.
2) Buy and install a new fan
3) Buy and install a new toilet
4) Sew up a new laundry hamper. I've had my eye on making something like one of these at Yellow Brick House for a while.

And there, just like that, is a johnny on the spot, why the hell not six (but really five and now !)  week challenge.

I told my husband our time line, tonight. He said, "good luck!"

I hope we don't need it.

Here's to all the intrepid linking participants at Linda's blog, Calling It Home.

I am working on a ginormous post with links to all the Canadians involved in the ORC, but with over 250 blogs to visit, it is taking a while to come together!


At Home With Zan said...

Ha ha ha, so funny. I mean, your husband's comment. I am jumping in reluctantly, too but I started last week. I am making over a girls' shared room and don't like the pressure but I was kind of in the process of collecting things for it. So here I am too. You have done a bunch of ORCs - this is my second. All the best with this bathroom!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and honesty. Just a question--is there a reason you're keeping the tile in front of the sink? It seems a bit different than the rest of your style. Anyway, I love seeing what you do with your house. From another prairie girl...Wilma

Alana in Canada said...

@At home with Zan---The ORC is a force of nature that just sucks you in...that's my excuse, anyway.I will come and check out your blog!

@Wilma. Oh that tile! I loved it,once upon a time. I still like it--but you are right, it belongs to the house where every room was a different colour...and it was bold and bright. (And I had a whole lot less furniture!) Gosh, if I got rid of the tile, I could do anything in here. Oh my.

Norma | The House that Will said...

Well, that escalated quickly! ��

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