Thursday, April 27, 2017

ORC 4: Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert!

Dear heaven, here we are --less than two weeks left. My husband has been struggling with getting the walls next to perfect and I have been struggling with decisions. But are ready to move on to the next stage.

Here are my previous blog posts about this project. I committed to this project in Week 2 when some quick touch ups took longer than expected--and we decided we may as well replace the toilet. And then the floor. And then the light. You get the picture.

That's this post here: ORC 2: Jumping in Relunctantly.

Then, I decided to lay out all of our problems with this room in this post: ORC 2a: Evaluating the Bathroom

For the third week, I posted twice. The first time I showed you how I use Pinterest to think through a design dilemma. ORC 3: Using Inspiration to Solve a Bathroom Design Dilemma

The second was a straight forward progress report: ORC 3a: Progress Report

So today begins week four. Week FOUR! (overall panic)

But first: this is where we are.

Not a whole lot further than last week, I'm afraid.

And this is where we need to be in about 12 days:

I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent finalizing this! I kept going back and forth on the paint colour above the wainscoting: light blue or dark? I couldn't decide what to do about the window fabric. Should I go plain--or fancy? I fell in love with a John Robshaw fabric--and though I sourced it at an astonishingly affordable price--shipping was atrocious.

The crazy endless uncertainty all started when I noticed the medicine cabinet over the sink was not centered.

Like so:

in case that green tape to the left there looks too wonky to convince you, notice the piece of green tape in the centre of the cabinet. Now, note where the paint stick is. Yep. Not centered.

I knew I wanted to put a frame around the mirror on the door to the cabinet, to dress it up a bit. But then, I realised it would bug me no end to have a new light centered over the sink ....but not over the mirror. And my design for the mirror frame called for a wider mirror anyway. The tricky part was figuring it all out.

So, if I can't actually center the cabinet--I can at least center the cabinet door, right?  So. A huge project awaits. I've bought my materials. I have a sketch. All I need now is access to the chop saw. I am going to make this:

Fabulous, isn't it? Very worried. Very, very worried.

I have to have the wood installed on the left for the hinge before we start the wainscoting.

Materials are purchased, primed and painted. Now that the walls are to my husband's satisfaction we can, perhaps, install the boards in the next couple of days. Under control.

FINISH PAINTING: You'd think that with only three colours being used we'd be done by now, but no. I just realised we've forgotten to do the door frame! And the upper part of the wall, above the wainscoting will be Hague Blue--the same as the door. No Worries. If the paint is drying while I take the reveal photos, no one will know but me!

Outside mount, roman shade. I am using this fabric from Tonic Living.

I just ordered it this morning. Worried. 

I wish this wasn't important to me. But it is. I want my pipes pretty. I'll spare you the details, but this may not be possible without opening up the wall and ripping out the cast iron already there. (And that won't be straight forward. Not at all.) You can bet the husband is NOT thrilled about this one. In fact, he wants nothing at all to do with it, so I am entirely on my own with this one. Sweating bullets.

I started taping off to spray paint that 1 1/2" kitchen drain pipe white--and realised I really, really wanted the proper 1 1/4" bath drain in chrome. The question is: why did the plumber install the kitchen pipe in the first place? 


I've bought it.

All we need is a sunny day to install it. Our wiring has it connected to the light. We're not going to bother messing around with that set up--though I made sure the new fan is much quieter than the old one! Under control.

INSTALL NEW LIGHT FIXTURE: It is sitting in a box right here beside me. Looks easy enough. The challenge will be removing the old one. Quite anxious.

This turned out to be more complicated than it would seem. Sheet vinyl is not glued, it's held in place with the baseboards. We are not removing our baseboards. Instead, we will hold down the vinyl with the corner round--just like we did the stuff we installed a few years ago. But, that meant we had to buy new corner round. The profile we wanted (3/4" x 3/4" is the closest equivalent to what we have) wasn't available at our Big Box store--I had to source it at an actual moulding maker and retailer. It was fun visiting them, actually. We did that earlier this week.  So, that's all purchased, primed and painted. Under control.

Everything in blue has to happen before we install the floor and the toilet goes in!

Cross your fingers it is still in stock! We need to order it and pick it up...and of course install it! Anxious.


A shelf for storage. Fine. If I don't have it in time for the ORC reveal, I'm not going to get upset.

Some artwork. Photography chosen. Frame purchased. It just needs to be spray painted flat gold. Under control.

Towel racks. I need to hang three large towels. (There are towel racks which will do that but they take up more space than we have which is only seven inches.) Slightly panicking.

Laundry Bag: Again, not something I am going to panic over if it isn't done in time, but I have my supplies--it's a simple matter of finding a couple of hours (if that) to sew it up. Under control.

Finish cleaning the grout and seal it. This is where I started this project! I was simply going to paint the room and clean. ha ha ha

Hope you are having a great week! If you are in the ORC like all these other fools along with me, best of luck to you!

And may you enjoy all that coffee you'll be drinking. I sure will!


Prairie Wind said...

You are doing well. The ORC is a bear from here on the Kansas prairie!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited for you!!

Could the drain thing-y be put off for another project? Spraying it might make you happy-ish for now...

As for the three towel bars, as a family of five with one full bath (ie, one tub, no other shower), I solved this problem with hooks. I even sewed loops in the middle of the long edge of the towels to make hanging them as easy as possible for the kids/hubby. It's working (phew). I thought I'd miss the towel bars, but there honestly wasn't enough space to make it look nice. And hooks are prettier, and cheaper, too ;)

ps--I'm so happy you nixed the tile!!


Alana in Canada said...

Wilma--well, it was your idea! Thanks for that, my friend.

Prairie Wind--Hang in there!

Leslie A said...

That mirror really is gorgeous! It's definitely little details like centering and leveling that are kicking my butt this ORC round, so I feel your pain with the mirror and cabinet! Looking forward to the final reveal, though!

MMarie said...

I agree with Annonymous above...could hooks be a solution for the towels?

Norma | The House that Will said...

Oh wow! This is snowballing! But it sounds like you got this and I'm excited to see the end result.

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