Thursday, April 7, 2016

ORC 1: Going Insane Again.

Yep. We're doing it.

Mom and I were just discussing decorating her 1/2 bath on the main floor, when I happened to notice that the semi-annual insanity known as the One Room Challenge was about to happen.

Let's do it for the ORC, I said. Ever game, (and a great Mom), she said yes.

For those new to this, the ORC is a five week event where designers, decorators and style icons, invited by Linda of the blog, Calling It Home, transform any room of their choosing. Linda lines up sponsors for the invited participants and hosts the whole thing by link up on Wednesdays.

On Thursdays, Linda opens the floor to anyone who wants to join. I love it, really. It can be extraordinarily stressful--but it is a fabulous way to focus on getting a room done, start to --squeak under the deadline-- finish!

We've done this before. Four times. We've done two of her spaces (the master bedroom and her dressing room) and two of mine (the living room and dining room.) I've created a page where you can check out all the links to each project (tab above.) So you can read it while you watch the paint dry. Or something.

Ok. So. The Powder Room.

The room is teeny tiny, but it has two doors (of course), a window, an intrusive ceiling box, and a wonky angled wall. Nothing is ever easy at my Mom's.

A year ago, the room had a dropped ceiling, a lino floor and wallpaper. Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of it.

Last fall, we removed the wallpaper, took out the false ceiling, and hired some professionals to lay a vinyl plank floor.

See that yellow line above the door? That is how far the ceiling dropped.

See that hole under the sink?  It needs a patch. My mother's projects always seem to involve drywall!

Then, we had the venting pipes boxed in---and this is where we start.

Yes that's an extension cord plugged in up there. Sssh. It is in the hole cut for a ventilating fan. We don't have one. Yet.


Whenever you begin thinking about transforming a room, it is important to get a feel for here you want to go. A Pinterest board is perfect for this. 20-30 images is a good start. (I think we're over 100, now.) Then, analyse them--and since I am designing this room with my Mom, we've had many conversations about them.

It doesn't get any more dramatic than this: the brass, the enormous scale of the wallpaper, the darkness.

This is from an ORC participant last fall. It's a full bath, but we loved how she included a marble backsplash for her vanity. The whole bathroom is quite beautifully done.

High wainscoting adds interest, high contrast adds drama.

In fact, we liked the idea of carrying the tile all the way around the room as a "chair rail".

There's no money for new fixtures, so we will create the magic with those good old decorating standbys: fabric, paint, moulding, tile, and smoke and mirrors.

I've already started sourcing our supplies. I've looked at hundreds of light fixtures already--and my idea of a reasonable price is not hers! So, this should be interesting.

I hope to have a moodboard ready for you next week. I'm just learning photoshop!

Here's our To Do List.

1. Remove old tile
2. Patch, sand and prime walls and ceiling for paint and wallpaper
2. Hang bead board wallpaper
3. Put up trim for tile
4. Put up tile
5. Put up top piece of trim, reattach loose window trim
6. Install baseboards
7. Paint: walls, beadboard wallpaper, trim, doors
8. Source mirror, art, lighting, bath hardware
9. Spray paint, and paint things burnished bronze/gold
10. Install curtain rod
11. Source fabric
12. Make drapes

I think that's it!

House Beautiful--a sponsor this year--has done a lovely look back at some of the finished rooms from prior years, here. It is simply amazing what can be done.

Did you see the invited ORC particpants' Befores yesterday? I'd take some of them for my after, please and thank you.

Looking forward to seeing what all the other guests are up to! Right here.

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Sam @ Away She Went said...

I can't believe how low the ceiling used to be! I'm excited to see what you do in this space. Love your inspiration photos! Good luck!

Christina O said...

Oooh, I'm excited to see what you do. Your ORCs are some of my favorites.

Alana in Canada said...

@Sam. It was ridiculous. Thanks for stopping by!
@Christina Thank you. That's so nice of you to say. Fingers crossed it'll be good--and on time!

Kari @prairiegirlhome said...

I am excited to see what you end up with! I am also doing my bathroom for the ORC, with a lot of "smoke and mirrors"! Love your inspiration images. Your blog caught my eye in the link-up because you're doing a bathroom, but also our blog names are similar! I see you are also Canadian - I'm assuming a prairie gal as well;) I'm from SK.
Looking forward to following your progress!

Alana in Canada said...

Hi Kari! Thanks for stopping by. Always great to meet a fellow "prairie girl!"

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