Friday, April 8, 2016

Make Room: Challenge One, Part Two: Moving Towards Grace

I am a klutz.
I've been a klutz all my life.

In fact, just the other day, I was walking from the kitchen into the dining room and hit my arm on the door trim. Just thwacked it.

In her book,  Make Room for What You Love, Melissa Micheal's talks about a home being able to help us move gracefully through our days.

Isn't that a lovely idea?

I stub my toe at least once a week on this chair.  

Of course we'll be clumsy if we're tripping over things on the floor, grumpy if we're late again, because we have to root through the piles.

Having my dresser cleared off and displaying only what's essential to me to get my day going is vital to achieving "poise and grace," as Melissa would say.

And she's right. The bedroom, I think, should truly be a sanctuary--a place where we can go at the end of the day and not see anything that nags at us to be taken care of.

It doesn't show up that much in pictures--but,oh, the dog hair on this thing! Definitely not sanctuary-like!

I am grateful I've developed a great morning routine which keeps this room mostly picked up and presentable every day.

But I still trip over myself!

The next challenge is all about making it easy to pamper yourself.

I like the sound of that!

Are you doing any Spring cleaning?

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1 comment :

Luisa in Dallas said...

Melissa's "poise and grace" reminds me of Alexandra Stoddard and her love of creating rituals around everyday routines.

Your bedroom is looking very nice, so it's good to hear that your routines are working to help keep it that way.

My S.O. and I have those same clumsy moments around the house, but we don't blame ourselves. No, to us these incidents are the result of "house attacks," as in "I was just minding my own business, walking down the hall, and the house attacked me!" Doorways are particularly vicious! (That bedroom chair of yours looks especially mean, with its little feet just sticking out there and ready to attack your toes.)

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