Sunday, April 10, 2016

Make Room Challenge Two: Primping and Pampering with Jewellery

I am part of a team to promote and publicize Melissa Micheal's latest book, Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying . As part of that, we are participating in weekly challenges to set up our homes to help us move through life with ease and grace. (I love that!)

 Part of doing that, of course, is preparing the space to make yourself pretty and put together. The task last week was to organize our jewellery. About three years ago, I decided to keep my necklaces on a corkboard set into an old, unused picture frame. How I did that is here.

The necklace collection, 2013

That worked until this past January when I noticed the cork had come loose from the frame.

Rather than take the whole thing apart, I decluttered the necklaces I rarely wore (and I rarely wear necklaces, they just aren't practical for work) and inserted a band of cardboard along the top to hold the corkboard in and under the lip of the frame.

necklace collection, 2016

Unfortunately, the cardboard is not as attractive as it could be, but it gets the job done!

About the same time I made the necklace holder, I made an earring holder out of a frame and screening material. That did not fare as well. (Sort of like the first two times I tried to pierce my ears!)

It was just awkward to use.

Then, my daughter made this great ceramic dish and I wanted to find a use for it, so I started putting my earrings into it. It is now my official long dangly earring holder.

Studs go into the other, smaller ceramic dish.

It's incredibly easy to put on those finishing touches--and I quite enjoy seeing it all out there.

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