Monday, April 4, 2016

From the Weekend: Spring Cleaning my Daughter's Room

I need this on the record.

Emma went to Costa Rica as part of a school trip over March break and, with her permission, I cleaned her room.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I present to you....

the floor!

And it's clean.

(Though I didn't get a photo of it. Trust me, there's nothing on it that shouldn't be.)

We'll start here, behind the door.

This wooden dresser cam from my mom's last fall when we created her dressing room.

Unfortunately, her lights don't quite reach around the room. We should have bought more at Christmas...but the hooks had come off the walls and we weren't sure we could get them to stick. I put up quite a few new hooks this weekend. Fingers crossed they stay there.

I put reflective window film up n the bottom half of the window--I even made an emergency ru to Home depot to pick up a squeegee. But it wasn't until I was rolling up the film when I found the detailed instructions...and sure enough I'd done it incorrectly. (I had been going by what it had said on the outside of the box!) I ran to check on it--and sure enough, the piece I had cut and affixed to the window was gone.

Not only do we need more lights--we need more bulbs!

Emma got the double bed and the Expedit last fall.

Funny story. I looked for the bed on Craigslist...and our second call resulted in finding this set. When we talked to the guy, it turned out he taught at a local high school--the very one Emma was going to start attending! She actually had two classes with him. Apparently, he never said one word about the bed.

If you're curious, you can see previous incarnations of her room here (along with the other bedrooms in the house).


Anastasia Inspiderwiht said...

I like light-strings! I've got a more elaborate setup (five strings, I think?) with greenery garlands wrapped around them- because my room/office is larger I use a section of the lights hanging down over my desk as a sort of visual room-divider. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with them!

I'm curious, how did you decide where to "stop" the walls and "start" the ceiling when painting that curve? And why not paint over the whole ceiling? (not a critique! I've just never encountered so many curved edges personally and I know if I did I'd probably paint the whole thing into a grey/green cave :p)

That's a nice colour, btw. Is it more on the greenish/robin's-egg side or "true blue" in person?

Janina Laird said...

Wow! What a lucky mom to get the go ahead to clean-up/clean-out her daughter's room!

Emma will be one thrilled young lady when she arrives home from Costa Rica! Undoubtedly, she will be bringing home a few precious souvenirs of her time there and now she'll easily find space to display them.

Good job, Mom! You rock!

t said...

Hi Alana, I have bought the prettiest LED plug-in lights on Amazon - they have a silver wire which is quite long. The strand was about $20 US. I'll see if I can find the details for you.

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