Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Story of a Wall

NB. I actually began this post long before I thought of the retrospective. In fact, I believe it was rediscovering this in my "drafts" folder which inspired me to do the retrospective. So, while it is not a part of the retrospective per se, it is a little side journey, a small look in greatf detail at just one wall of my house over the nearly 19 years we've lived here.


The year is maybe 2003, maybe 2004. (I'm going by the size of my daughter at the computer.)

The walls are very red. And I am still using film in the camera.

I tidied things up during the Fall Cure in 2006. But it was still VERY RED and VERY LOUD.

In 2007, during the eight week Fall Cure, I decided I would paint the room a neutral and quieten the whole thing down.

Things continued this way for a long time with various purges along the way, like this one during The Cure of 2009:



Looking a little sparse in 2013


And here, the best I think this wall ever looked, January 2015.

And, now....drum roll, please....

Totally different.
And yet, somehow, not!


t said...

It looks very nice and organized. Just curious about how you like it and if it is working well for you. I would like no longer facing a wall when sitting at the desk.

Alana in Canada said...

I am actually quite surprised at how much I love it. I look out at the window, now, and I have the wicker easy chair opposite the desk so family can come in and plunk down and I can carry on with whatever I'm doing. Couldn't do that before. I don't know how I managed all those years.

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