Friday, September 11, 2015

AT Closet Cure: Assignment #2

Sweaters, she said.


Oh gawd--it'll be like ripping off the band aid, I promised myself--quick, ruthless, still painful.

In the spring of 2013, I found, much to my delight, that at the weight I was then, I could find clothes--nice clothes--to fit me.

I went on a mini shopping spree and put together a cute little summer wardrobe.

When fall came around, I ordered clothes to be shipped to me--ordered them from Land's End and Old Navy in plus sizes. I tried them on, agonized. Returned, re-ordered and finally settled on some lovely things. All of them too good, mind you, to wear to work. (I do not want to get paint on anything costly or time consuming to replace. Though I have.)

But then I gained some weight. Not a terrible amount--but just enough to make the sleeves too tight and the hems too short.

I went back to wearing yoga pants and Walmart T-shirts.

So, tonight was the night.
Face the demons.
Face the disappointment, once and for all.

I counted.
I had 24 sweaters.

sorry for the crappy lighting, but I did it while I was motivated which was after 9pm.

That includes 6 cardigans (2 not shown) and 6 turtlenecks.

After the sort and purge, I now have 12 sweaters-- including 4 cardigans and 2 turtlenecks. Unfortunately, pretty much all the colour was purged as well.

That black and grey diamond up there? Bought that last year and nearly wore it to death. I want another one!

But it's Ok. I find sweaters far too warm for work (not that I'd wear these there, anyway) and a titch too warm for most days at home when I'm doing stuff around the house. I mostly just need them when I'm sitting at the computer or watching TV. And all I need is one good cardigan for that!


MMarie said...

Good job Alana! I've been getting these Cure emails and skipped over the Sweaters one cause I don't think I have enough, even though I'm in Southern California! (I'm always cold it seems!) I like that you whittled your pile down to ones you love, even if there isn't a lot of colour, though, I see colour, nice autumn colours in your piles.

Hmmm...maybe I will take a closer look at my sweaters over the weekend! Thanks for your inspiration, once again.

Alana in Canada said...

You're welcome MMarie! Sweaters take up a lot of room--so even if you let go of one, you'll be better off! It's also a great feeling to be in control of your clothes. I don't need to look at anything and feel bad by it.

MMarie said...

I've just gone through my sweaters. I had 10 cardigans, 3 pullovers, and 6 fleece. 1 is being donated, 2 repaired, and 1 is still a maybe. So, I am only down 1 sweater but it's the one sweater (cardi) that I dislike every time I look at it and have been keeping it because it was in good shape. Feels good to finally say goodbye to it. :)

MMarie said...

Just went through my pants/jeans. I have 4 capri and 10 pairs of pants (1 dressy, 5 regular, 4 denim). I am giving away 2 pairs, making a minor repair on one pair, and re-dying another pair. I need to buy 1 more pair of dressy pants to replace the one I'm giving away. (Do you mind that I'm using your blog to keep myself encouraged in this process?!! I hope not!)

Alana in Canada said...

Not at all, lol! You're doing very well, MMarie. You dye your clothes? What a neat idea! How did the tops go? Are you doing your tops?

MMarie said...

Hi Alana, I haven't gone through my tops but will soon. I went through a major decluttering of my closet in June or July so this round is pretty easy. I have never dyed my clothes before but my black pants are so faded, yet still fit perfectly, that I thought it would be worth a try. Instead I got very side tracked today canning 14 jars of tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

After reading the two articles on paring down the clothes, I got in my closet last night and got started. It felt great! I still have more to get rid of, but honestly, if it makes me feel bad IT IS GONE!
Woman on a mission!
Gina in Chattanooga, TN

Alana in Canada said...

You go, Gina!

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