Monday, September 28, 2015

From the Weekend: Tape

I had taped the risers--top and bottom--with yellow frog tape less than 24 hours after priming them.

Looks like I'll have to prime them again.


onshore said...


Janina Laird said...

Oh, disappointing and frustrating. I just googled how soon painter's tape could be applied and the info wasn't in your favor. Frog Tape 'delicate surface' could be used no earlier than 24 hours after painting. All the other Frog Tapes needed the paint to be more than 'dry'; the paint had to be 'cured' which they said took several weeks. Bah!

I'm frustrated for you because I'm one of those people who would just want to get the job done!!!

I wish you great patience as you begin your 'Round 2' on the stairs. ☺ 👍

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, I was anxious to get it done. So it is 24 hours! I appreciate you looking that up for me, Janina. How kind! We have waited two weeks to tape the stairs--it took Chris all day yesterday--so that's good.

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