Monday, September 14, 2015

AT Closet Cure: Assignment #3

This was doozey of an assignment from Apartment Therapy. It was deliberately designed to be broken up over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday: Dresses and Skirts.

Although I only have 9 items in this category, it was hard to let go of some things.

I have one skirt (on the left, there, above)--actually it is a skort. I absolutely loved it for that reason. Unfortunately, I've put on weight since I bought it, so it is now too far above my knees for me to be comfortable wearing it without tights. (I hate tights.) So, after much dithering, that's in the donate pile.

I have two long dresses. The stripe I just bought this summer, so it's staying. The second is an L.L. Bean, a winter weight knit in plum and I adore it. It's my only winter dress--but, boy is it snug. I would be very upset not to have it should I lose enough weight to fit into it properly, so I put it back in the closet. It is that classic.

I have five--no six!-- short dresses. Two are properly tunics--very flimsy knit--but they still work. One is a maybe--and a fixer-upper. It also requires ironing before wearing. The thing is, my Mom made it for me and I want to keep it--but I won't wear it again. (sigh.)

The other three don't fit.

I'm keeping only 4 items. (The two tunics and the two long dresses.)

Saturday: Jeans and Casual Pants

Well, this was interesting. Turns out I had over twenty pairs of pants and shorts lurking about in the closet, the wash and various drawers. For someone who, in the past, has literally spent a winter wearing one pair of pants (though doubtless I had more than that in the closet) this was a shock to me.

I kept more than I ought to have (13!), but I did get rid of eight pairs of various yoga pants and shorts.

Namely, I kept two pairs of jeans which I can't fit into--but one of those pairs--my white denim NYDJ cost about $200.00!

I have a pair of jeans in the "maybe" category. They fit--but the denim is very heavy and I don't like how they feel when I put them on.

The rest are keepers.

For work:
(In case some of you don't know, I work in a paint department where I mix paint. So, I like to keep a dedicated wardrobe just for work.)
1 pair of capris (summer)
1 pair of yoga pants (winter). I could really do with one more of each, actually.

Strictly Summer: to put in my off season bag under my bed.
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of white linen pants (to be ironed).

Winter/All Season:
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of leggings
2 pairs of knit pants, winter weight, both nice.
1 pair of knock about knit pants. (To be worn in the house and maybe on a quick run to the hardware store!)

Sunday: Tops and Jackets/Outerwear

This is a huge category.

First, the tops.
Total: 26

Summer: 12
plus work: 6

Winter: 4
plus work: 3

I am letting go of one--out of all of them!--yes, just one.

Second, Outerwear.
Total: 6

1 wine faux leather Fall/Spring Jacket
1 black Winter coat: to be replaced as soon as possible
1 black knit zippered jacket.
1 light blue hoodie from Vancouver

Let Go:
Navy Spring/Fall Jacket (too small and has been for several years).
Grey and Black houndstooth men's jacket (snug).

So, at the end of assignments 2 and 3, this is the donate pile (not everything is pictured as I gifted some of my sweaters to my daughter):

In future, it'd probably be best if I didn't pile the discards in front of my mirror!

From the comments thread at AT on this assignment, I learned that H&M Canada has partnered with Unicef Canada, to recycle, re-use and reduce waste from unwanted clothing.  In light of the recent refugee crises, that's where these will be headed.

I wonder what's next?


Debbie W said...

timely post! This is exactly what I'm doing now. The weather has turned colder on the West Coast and I'm ready to put summer stuff away. So far 2 big garbage bags to VV. Now if I could get my hubs to take a look at his side of the closet, as it's beginning to creep over to my side!

Janina Laird said...

I need to do a major overhaul of my closets. I have far too many clothes and some of them I know I'll never wear again and others that I've bought and have YET to wear. How sad/disgusting is that?

I bought some new summer clothing (shorts, sundresses, and t-shirts) but ended up wearing very little of it. I spent almost my entire summer sitting on the couch unable to walk because of injuries to both feet. It seemed silly to be wearing pretty sundresses sitting on the couch all day.

I really did want to slash my winter wardrobe down to size but like I said, walking and standing were next to impossible without breaking into tears. Resting my feet all summer (along with almost 2 years of physio for them) has helped somewhat and I've just had my 2nd visit with the physician for the National Ballet of Canada. If he can't fix my feet I'm out of luck.

Sitting in my house all summer gave me plenty of time to get upset over the state of my closets and drawers and then the basement! Oh! The basement! I'm very frustrated because I feel my summer was wasted when I had so much I had planned and wanted to do.

Alana, reading your posts is keeping me motivated to accomplish the same great things. I know when I'm able to attack my closets, I'll need to be equally ruthless. I think with less clutter my mind just may work better. I can hope!

Alana in Canada said...

Debbie--if you figure out how to get your husband moving onhis closet, please let me know. My usband has not worn over 1/2 his closet in 17 years--and his T-shirts are ratty and falling apart.(Though I did just recentlyconvince him to replace them.)

Oh Janina--I am so sorry to hear about your feet! I had plantar fasciitis for more than two years and I still remember the pain and frustration of that. I do hope the doctor is able to help you. And for what its worth, I don't think sitting anywhere in a sun dress sounds silly--not if it makes you happy. Sound like you could use some happy. {hugs}

PS. My basement needs a clear out, too.

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