Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall: Fluffing the Bedroom

I've been wanting to switch the bedroom over from a happy colourful summer vibe to a more serious yet cosy fall feeling for a while now. I do this mostly with my bedding. I like to change the sheets, rotate the mattress, and clean a bit. This year was no different. I was inspired by the gorgeous stuff at Parachute. Fresh crisp sheets just seem to go with the crisp fall air, don't they?

But I had a bigger job ahead of me than usual.

We're working on painting the stairwell, the library landing, and the hallway all at once (since technically, it is all one space). But that meant the bedroom was just trashed.

I kid you not.

It was a three day job.

I was trying out these family photos from the hallway. I thought I might like them on a picture ledge, here. Turns out I like white space more than my family! 

Mostly, it involved vacuuming thoroughly--and washing anything I couldn't vacuum.

Friday after work I focused on getting everything sorted and packed up to leave the room.

That included a left over sock sorting project from the AT Closet Cure.

Lots of lonely socks, a few pairs.

Whenever I cleared some floor, I vacuumed.

Here we are behind the bed, after vacuuming. (I thought I'd take pity on you and not subject you to the jack rabbit dust bunnies.) I dusted the bed, too.

I stripped the bed and washed the mattress pad--but the dryer conked out.

I'd planned an outing to Ikea with my Mom, so we went. That night we slept with fresh sheets, but old pillowcases and the old duvet cover.

Saturday, I continued clearing stuff out, and miraculously, the dryer was working again, so I stripped the box spring cover--as well as all the pillow covers and the duvet cover. The dust was unbelievable. (It was a dry summer.)

I assembled two nightstands I bought at Ikea. I couldn't get the drawers to work properly. I took them upstairs, anyway. At one point, I had four nightstands in the room!

I got the boxspring cover back on. (It's just a white fitted sheet. I'm not fond of bedskirts.)

My daughter helped me rotate the mattress and we got it back on the bed. Then, I vacuumed it. (Of course I did!) I wrestled the mattress cover back on (I'd love to have two--but they are expensive!) put on the sheets, (hospital cornered the top sheet, natch) climbed inside a new duvet cover to get it on the duvet and redressed the pillows with their freshly washed allergy covers and pillowcases before I left for work.

Sleep was lovely.

Sunday was all about fluff. And pictures. I decided that with the new nightstands, there was just too much black with the bed frame and the picture frames. So, I switched them for a couple of pictures I had taken of places in Jasper. They had been on the shelves in the dining room

(I've missed them!) I found one of them right away. The second one was more of a challenge!

Found it on top of a bunch of boxes on the shelves in the basement.

Then I measured and re-hung--but I think I hung them a bit too high. What do you think?

Hubs fixed the drawer problem for me. Turns out I'd put some screws in backwards.

As I was fluffing, I kept Justina Blakeney's principles in mind (even though I wound up with all my botanicals in one place!).

 you will note that I finally hung that Target mirror. 

I was also thinking about how best to express the change of seasons by my decor--but without "decorations." A sober colour palette seems right for fall. Something masculine and strong, like this plaid. (Though my daughter did call it a "big tea towel.")

Layers pile on the cosiness. Other than the bed, I can add some to this little love seat. (sssh, it's really the dog's bed).

The idea of making our beagle sleep with a squirrel makes me laugh.

I am pleased--and so relieved to have my sanctuary clean, tidy, and peaceful once again.

What about you?
Do you do anything in your bedroom for Fall?


Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks fantastic Alana! So peaceful. Totally inspiring to get that deep clean done and summer dust dealt with before winter. :) Also, what beautiful hardwood floors! Ali

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Ali! It feels so great.

Janina Laird said...

I think your bedroom looks gorgeous! I change my bedroom up for the fall/winter but I need to wait a bit longer til the temps cool down more here. (Living in the southern Ontario banana belt.)

Tell your daughter that if she thinks your bedding looks like a tea towel, she'd think my winter one looks like grandpa's striped flannel pyjama!!!

Alana in Canada said...

Hi Janina! I'd love Grandpa's striped pj's! Fall is about the only season that arrives when it is supposed to around here. Winter is early, Spring is much too late and summer is that guest whom you're never sure is going to arrive. :)

t said...

So cozy! Could see you settling in with a good book and cup of tea.

A few weeks ago, I really had a good dusting and vacuuming in my bedroom -- under the bed, behind dressers, washed everything - it felt so good, so I know you must feel the same.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, t! Good for you for getting all that cleaning out of the way early.

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