Thursday, October 30, 2014

ORC5: Tickety Boo

What a difference a week makes.

First, thanks to all of you who left me comments and encouraged me. Your kindnesses helped lift me out of a slump of discouragement, frustration and disappointment.

Progress throughout this project has been slow. Here are the links to my previous progress reports:

Week 1: The Befores, the Vision and the Punch List
Weeks 2 & 3: Catching Up
Week 4: Barely Hanging On

This week made up for all of that--and just in time, too!

#1. I bought a rug. I took Chris to Target Friday night and we bought a rug, a pouf, and a wooden bird. I've been having second thoughts about the rug all week but I am coming around.

#2. The wood trim is up. Yahoo! Finally, the trim feels finished--oh, only 17 years after we started!

The chimney breast was tricky: and I had to do some repainting.  I remembered to take a picture after I'd started!

The window wall was relatively straightforward--even though the wall wows and we discovered the curtain rod wasn't hung straight. Oh well!

#3. The Vittsjo finally arrived at my local IKEA. I've bought it and, with my husband's expert help, hacked it.

#4. Mom is sewing up a storm on the couch slipcover.She is further along than this, but I didn't get a photo of her last fitting.

#5. It's not all just my husband and my Mom, I'm doing some work too. I made a decision on the trim for my drapes. That counts as work, right?

But now I need to decide between doing a Euro pleat or a traditional one.

#6. Mom took the poang chair cushion--and fabric--home with her to work on.

It's been amazing and I'm feeling pretty confident we can get it all done. But it'll be close!

The Punch List:

Put up moulding on fireplace chimney breast
Put up moulding on window wall
Stain second pine shelf over TV to match the first one.
Spot prime the bleeding knots in the fireplace surround.
Paint it.
Top bookcases with wood and or/thick shelf.

Declutter books
Declutter games and relocate
Declutter dvds, cds, etc.
Make sure the TV is set up properly for devices to attach properly.

sew a couch cover. in progress.

sew or buy a cushion cover for the poang chair in progress.

buy a rug

sew vertical trim on the dropcloth drapes. in progress.

buy low light plants

New things added:

*add wood top to second vitssjo piece. Stain it.

* Stain and wax top for coffee table.

* sew pleats into drop cloth drapes in progress

* buy pillows and blankets

* style bookcases.

Things that have changed:

buy and install window blinds. Not going to happen.

recover ottoman...zebra stripes? no longer necessary. Replaced with IKEA Vittsjo.

Cut, peel and flatten top of log for a table. Highly doubtful. We just can't get the chainsaw to work to flatten the log we have ready to go. Boo hiss.

This log is from the tree that used to be in front of the dining room window which we cut down many summers ago. I would be so great to have it in the living room.


bring back long rustic lunch bench? no. There really is enough wood already.

stain floor w/multiple shades of blue? no.

get doors for 1/2 the bookcase?  I found out that in August Ikea updated the Billys--and the new doors, apparently, will not fit the old units. So. No doors.

**************** Please check on the other linking participant's progress at our gracious host's blog, Calling It Home. So inspiring.


Carol-Anne said...

Love all the work you've done so far! It's going to be fabulous when you're done!

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job and I LOVE that you are repurposing some old slipcovers! I like to see people use what they have instead of going in debt for stuff that isn't always necessary! Keep pressing on! You can do this!
Gina from Chattanooga, TN

MMarie said...

Love the pop of blue paint above the wood trim! Also love, love, love your rug choice. Congrats--you're almost there!

C a i t l i n said...

Wow. You've really blown it out this week. Very, very impressive. I could really use some sewing relatives right now. I hope you do rework that stump at some point. I would really love to see that.

Christine Dovey said...

The trim looks great and I'm excited to see that slipcover all done. Good luck with the final week!

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