Thursday, October 23, 2014

ORC4: Barely Hanging On

"I have a problem."

"What kind of a problem? A big problem or a little problem? I don't like big problems."

"Well, it is this. I have a dog who likes to pee on carpet, and I need a rug for my living room."

"Impossible. That's impossible."

""My hardwood floors are in rough shape and we don't have the money to refinish them right now, so I need a rug."

"What do you want? A rug to soak up pee?"

"This is hard for me. You are not making it any easier."

He shrugged. I left.


Mom was over on Sunday and we looked through the pieces we have from an old slipcover.

I cannot find a suitable navy upholstery fabric and my budget is nil, so we are going to use what I already have.


I have had exactly two days off of work since last Thursday. You now know what I did on each of them.

I'm sure the other linking participants to the One Room Challenge have lots to report. Check on their progress here.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

We have such dogs, too. The only saving grace is that, for some reason, they don't pee on large area rugs. Small ones, yes. Wall-to-wall carpet, yes. A good 5x7, no. I feel your pain and frustration. We've had to tear out all the carpet that was in our house. I love the dogs, but I will never have a weiner dog again.

Sam @ Away She Went said...

I didn't get much done on my room this week...I'm excited to see what you end up doing with the couch!

Alana in Canada said...

Beagles are just as bad. Thanks for the commiseration, Rita. I did find someone today who advised polyester fibers. He sent me home with a few samples, too, unfortunately, I didn't like any of them when I saw them at home.

Thanks Sam. I am very nervous about the Great Slipcover Project!

Christine Dovey said...

Oh dogs and peeing on carpets...I've been through the same...not fun. Good luck with the slipcovering!

Alana in Canada said...

Than you Christine. And thanks for taking the time to comment!

Delia said...

You can do it Alana. I know it's tough, but hang in there :-)

Shelia Dowd said...

I feel your pain! My budget is very small too!
Shelia @ House of Highlands

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