Thursday, October 16, 2014

ORC Weeks 2&3: Catching Up

This is an update for both weeks two and three because for all of the time available between week one and week two, I was a long way away connecting with family at my Grandmother's funeral. It was a trip which healed and restored my soul like none other. (Truly, one last gift from a most remarkable woman). And then, unfortunately, I spent all of the time between week two and week three down with a nasty, nasty cold. Needless to say, progress was light.

When I finished the last ORC in the Spring, I knew I wanted to do it again--and I knew I wanted to tackle my living room.

So, to get a jump on things, I painted it.

I also hung two drop cloths I bleached a few years ago.

And then I tossed the teal carpet.

So, really this is where we began.

This week, I took care of a few things I could do in short spurts.

I sealed the knots in the faux fireplace and painted it. It is, actually, the exact same colour of the walls, but in a semi-gloss. (Glass of Milk by Martha Stewart) I love it.


No, your screen did not suddenly sprout spots. That's what happens to knots when they are not sealed with a shellac based primer.


I also stained the shelf above the television.


sorry about the blur, but it is probably for the best. That's one nasty reflection happening there.

(In our living room the best place for the TV is the corner, even with a flat screen.)

I have several cans of stain. I know I mixed two or three--or maybe more of them together when I stained the first shelf. I'd wanted it to match the ikea unit.

Top row, left to right: Cherry, English Chestnut; Bottom row, left to right, Red Oak, English Chestnut, Golden Oak.

So I measured and experimented until I had exactly what I wanted. I wrote everything down as I went so I'd have a recipe.

After supper, I started making my recipe: and then, as I was about to measure out the last can, I realised that I had picked up one can thinking it was another--so who knows what I'd mixed together. I blame my cold, the dim light of the room, and the fact we were watching something on TV.

I decided not to worry too much about it. I simply adjusted a bit here and there. Stains can be custom mixed, just like paint. I enjoy messing around with them. Things were humming along nicely when I went to bed.

The next morning, I made a disastrous decision. I decided to give the top a second coat in red oak. It was awful. So awful, I took it down to the workshop in the basement and sanded off as much as I could--and started over.

Back to Square One. Or is it Trapezoid One?


Now, that's all right.

The Recipe (for my own future referance):

5 1/2 tsp Cherry
1 tsp English Chestnut
1 tsp Red Oak

I have been seriously contemplating hacking the Ikea Vittsjo, but I just checked and there are none in town.
Can you say beyond frustrated?

Updated punch list:

The Punch List:

Put up moulding on fireplace chimney breast
Put up moulding on window wall
Stain second pine shelf over TV to match the first one.
Spot prime the bleeding knots in the fireplace surround.
Paint it.
Top bookcases with wood and or/thick shelf.

Declutter books
Declutter dvds, cds, etc.
Make sure the TV is set up properly for devices to attach properly.

Cut, Peel and flatten top of log for a table
sew a couch cover from indigo denim
sew or buy a cushion cover for the poang chair
buy a rug
buy and install window blinds
sew either vertical trim or band the bottom of the dropcloth drapes
*sew pleats into drop cloth drapes
recover ottoman...zebra stripes?
buy low light plants

Still undecided:
bring back long rustic lunch bench?
stain floor w/multiple shades of blue?
get doors for 1/2 the bookcase?  I just found out that in August Ikea updated the Billys--and the new doors, apparently, will not fit the old units. So. No doors.

Check out the other linking participants in the One Room Challenge, here. I am sure they will have much more dramatic updates!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You inspire me!

Would you really stain that beautiful floor in shades of blue? I'm sure it would be lovely, but what about down the road and you change color schemes?

I'm glad you are feeling much better.

Enjoy changing your lovely room around. It's exciting.


C a i t l i n said...

Looks like we both have a bunch of sewing coming up. Nice fireplace and beautiful floor. I'm intrigued by the blue -are you going to use a dye so it's transparent? Do tell...inquiring minds want to know.

Rita said...

So frustrating about the Billy doors--I don't know why Ikea feels the need to update something like that. (Oh wait, I know: To see more stuff. Duh.)

I, too, am curious about the blue floors. And think you've made great progress. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know it's how things go, but it's still hard. I hardly get to see mine, and when I do things just aren't like they used to be, but I will still feel bereft when she's no longer in this world.

Christine Dovey said...

The fireplace looks fabulous and I'm sorry about the no stock on the IKEA tables- did you check CL?

Alana in Canada said...

Christine--I hadn't thought of CL (or rather, kijiji, here. CL isn't as active.) Thanks for that suggestion.

Rita, thanks for the sympathy.

Caitlin, thank you. About the floor--I haven't decided what I am going to do. I am having a terrible time trying to find a rug that's within our price range and that is dog pee proof. I am just kicking myself for not picking up a huge indoor/outdoor artificial fiber rug this summer.

Lorraine, it's always a good day when you comment. Thank you. And you know what? I changed my colour scheme just today. I will blog about that when I get a chance.

The Pink Pagoda said...

Love the fireplace and what you've done, Alana! Looks like you are working hard! Can't wait to see more :)

designwithj9 said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who does recipes for wood stain. I like the final product.

So sorry to hear about your grandma, I know how special family is and I am glad you got to reconnect. Hope you feel totally better from the cold. It looks like you are on your way and I am sure you will find an alternative for the coffee table.

I can't wait to see the finished room!


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