Monday, October 13, 2014

From the Weekend: The Windows

My husband and son changed out the screens for the storm windows this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

I guess winter really is coming.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I wish our Thanksgiving happened now. I'd like more space between it and Christmas, and I'd like it to be more in the heart of fall. And yes, winter is coming. Thank goodness!

Alana in Canada said...

Oh Rita, my friend. You will be all right. Thanksgiving does not have to be a big deal. Honest. We had ham and scalloped potatoes (our Easter meal) and bagged salad becuase my son could make the potatoes, my husband the ham, and my daughter the salad. We enjoyed it all very much.

onshore said...

Not related to your post, but I've been thinking about how to keep contact with you now that I'm not blogging. So I decided to give instagramming a shot. I think that could be an easy way to keep contact of some sort for the time I’m not blogging. You can find me here
I’m not sure I will mention this on my blog, but I wanted to let you know, since I would like to share those pictures especially with you and Christina over at Littlevictorian.
I do not know if you can get updates on new pictures if you do not have an instagram account but you can anyway go and check it once in a while if you are interested.

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