Tuesday, October 28, 2014

AT Style Cure Day 4: The Outbox

Yes, I know, I am insane.

I am working like a feverish dervish on The One Room Challenge (which thanks to my Mom and my husband is coming along quite well, thank you) and now I am adding this.

The Cure and I go way back: it was the whole reason I started this blog in the first place, seven years ago. I haven't always participated in the cures since then: some have been either ill-timed, ill-conceived or irrelevant. But this one looks well thought out and manageable--and I have a half finished kitchen to wrangle into shape: and I'd much rather do it before Christmas than after.

So, Day 1: Style Questionnaire. I skipped the favourites category. For me, knowing that Ruth Wilson is currently my favourite actress does nothing to inform my style. (Oh gawd, her acting in The Affair is amazing.) In our peculiar culture, actors and actresses, cars, etc are objects onto which we project some sort of meaning. I grew up somewhat isolated from popular culture--and the death of Princess Diana so shocked me, I avoided all celebrity media for many years (and, for other reasons, almost all television and movies). I am not as culturally illiterate as I once was, but, still, enough.

However, I do have five style words (and a pinterest board devoted to interpreting them visually). Looking through the board and thinking hard about them helped me think through some issues I was having with the living room.

Day 2: Style Scouting. I did this via pinterest. Fun and surprisingly useful.

Day 3: Sit for ten minutes and choose a room. I didn't sit, but I did choose the kitchen.

Day 4: Set up the Outbox and put one thing in it.
see above.


MMarie said...

Hi Alana,
I thought about doing the Cure this time too however had a hard time connecting to Assignment 1. I love your take on it (discard that part that doesn't resonate).

I'm not doing the Cure but it's spurred me to work on my garage/family room/office/craft space! Lots of purging going on!

Congrats for pushing forward to finish your kitchen. I look forward to following you both in your living room and now your kitchen.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks MMarie! Purging is good--and then you can get to the good stuff.

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