Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012

I'm not going to call it a "Cure." The only thing I am going to keep from the Cure is its structure--and the built in notion that after everything gets itself cleaned, it gets to be prettied up.

My goal is to have a fully updated House Tour the ninth week of the Cure. The very idea makes me giddy.

So, here are the tentative dates and focus:

March 4-10: Week 1. Make a plan, gather supplies, create a vision.
March 11-17: Week 2. Kitchen
March 18-24: Week 3. Entrance Way(s)
March 25-31: Week 4. Living Room
April 1-7: Week 5. Home Office
April 8-14: Week 6. Bathroom(s)
April 15-21: Week 7. Master Bedroom
April 22-28: Week 8. Kids' Rooms/Laundry Room. Finish up. Empty Outbox.
April 29-May 5: Week 9. Post House Tour.

That should work.

As far as posting and blogging are concerned, I'm hoping to do the following:
Kick off the week on Monday.
Feature a project or the progress I've made for the William Morsiss Posts on Thursdays.
Post a final wrap-up of the week on Saturday--though that last post may be folded into the next kick-off post. We'll see how it goes.

1 comment :

onshore said...

I got startled of you starting already, but then noticed it's just planning this week, what a relief. :)

I enjoyed the cure last spring and I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too.

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